Water and Oil do not Mix Proves Cotemar

With the ongoing effect of global warm, the energy sector is highly affected. On the fact that you are either infected or affected companies that depend heavily on the energy sector to run their businesses have something to say. Oil which is an important element in energy production offers a business opportunity to companies that deal with hydrocarbons. In the likes of a company such as Cotemar Mexico is at its niche enjoying the benefits of oil and gas drilling used in the energy production.


Narrowing down to Cotemar they come from zero to heroes. The involved company found its foundation in the year 1979 with only a few services offered; catering and accommodation respectively. Without losing hope, a few months later they acquired a vessel which would provide maintenance services, transport light materials, and personnel. Ten years later the company showed growth purchasing more ships and had the luck to acquire their first oil rig; the platform would provide accommodation catering services to the energy industry personnel.


At the verge of the decade, Cotemar had successfully received five platforms and operated three specialized vessels. Come 2012, through COSCO; the company placed an order for construction of 3 semisubmersible rigs. However, to ease the transportation of liquids and solids, Cotemar thought it wise to add specialized cranes, and vessels but in the long run, the rigs arrived in 2015. As the company continues to expand its market, it has contributed to the Mexican economy. Therefore it has created employment through offering jobs such as IT, engineering and design and as a result of that, it has empowered the elderly giving those with no formal education training and post-training series jobs.


Good news for future graduates in Mexico Cotemar partners with universities and colleges offering them internship programs from which they gain experience and can easily win jobs in other industries. First, considering security, people work under supervision and also received valid training on aspects concerning safety. Based in Campeche with about 10000 workers, the firm provides development of offshore oil fields whereas other services provided include maintenance and overhauling of platforms.


Furthermore, they are responsible for providing work decks for the construction of pre-manufactured products and storage. Apart from services associated with gas and oil drilling. Cotemar has successfully integrated other services that are; recreational facilities, catering, and accommodation. Cotemar providing an excellent example of what it takes to be a hero one has to first focus on what is at hand since a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


To learn more, visit http://cotemar.com.mx/servicios/.


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  1. Cotemar, a Mexican company has inspired me greatly, starting as catring and accomodation to becoming oil and construction giants. In what seems to be from zero to hero, oil rigs. This to me has proved to be a humble beginning. That is why top essay services reviews, has done their best to give a fantastic review which has Good news for future graduates in Mexico. Cotemar partners with universities and colleges offering them internship programs from which they gain experience and can easily win jobs in other industries. This is amazing considering they started with catring and accomodations, now has employed engineers and has successfully completed so many contracted jobs.

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