USHEALTH Group: Providing Better Insurance Coverage

From the insurance plans to the management team, the USHEALTH group is a company that you can count on. They focus on providing innovative services to all people regardless of their financial status. That is what has made the company stand out from their competitors.


The services that USHEALTH group provide have led to their international recognition so much so that they won the One Planet Awards in 2016. They won under the Company of the Year in the Accounting, Financial and insurance. The CEO and the president of the company Troy McQuagge also won the award for the CEO of the year. The One Planet Award is a prestigious premier award that seeks to reward businesses and companies in the different sectors.


The award shows the company’s commitment to offering affordable insurance plans to all the people. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable plan, then you need to make contact with the company.


The company has a great team of advisors who are well trained to represent the company. They provide guidance to the team and also provide excellent customer care.


There are different products

The company provides different plans that are customized to fit every client’s needs. The different plans that you can choose from include;

« PremierChoice; this plan does not have deductibles. That means that you can receive the benefits without paying for the deductibles. You can choose any doctor and hospital, but you should consider choosing an in-house provider.

« The secure advantage; with this plan you will be able to lock your rates for 36 months. They have flexible deductibles that you can choose based on your accident and sickness coverage. You will also get 24-hour coverage.

« Secure Dental; for you if you want a healthy smile. There are three different plans that you can choose; Premium plan, save plus plan and save the plan.

« Premier Vision; designed for people with different eye problems.

« Income protector; this is your cushion when you suffer from a covered sickness or accident. The plan is a short-term accident liability insurance that with monthly benefits to help your cater for your monthly expenses

« Life protector; with this plan, you will be in a position to protect your family. The insurance can be renewed every ten years. Keep in mind that the coverage of the will end on your 70th birthday.

« Accident Protector; this is provided as a supplemental excess accidental insurance. It will provide extra coverage for any Mishaps after your accident. You can use it to provide a financial advantage.

« Medguard; this is a five year renewable insurance cover. You will also get quality coverage when you become ill.

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  1. USHEALTH over the years has shown great commitment towards providing financial protection to the people, it does this not minding the class a person or any group falls into. With this in view, expert writers also involved, this gives the people the feeling that they can trust USHEALTH as their plans are sustainable and affordable and this can help one carter for their monthly expenses.

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