The Greatest Mecha Anime of All Time


Is there any genre of anime that has garnered more fandom and more scorn than that of the ‘mecha’ genre? Mecha anime tends to revolve around hyper attractive young men and women who pilot gigantic robotic death machines. How can anyone NOT love that idea? Well, there are tons of mecha anime out in the world but today we are going to talk about our favorite: ‘Gundam Wing’. Why is this our favorite mecha anime? How is it the greatest mecha anime of all time? Well, we’re glad that you asked.


The mecha anime is crowded and convoluted and that is due in large part to the work of the Gundam Universe. Gundam pretty much popularized and revitalized the mecha genre and you can easily see why: there are numerous Gundam series spanning over the past several decades. ‘Gundam Wing’ is our favorite entry into the series for a variety of reasons.


For starters, ‘Gundam Wing’ is a hyper-mature look at the politics of civil war as told by a variety of different factions. In the middle of all these factions are the Gundam pilots: kids who have been trained since birth to fight and die for a cause that they don’t fully understand.


The art style for ‘Gundam Wing‘ is relatively dated, the series DID come out in the ’90s, but it still holds true today. Most of all, ‘Gundam Wing’ has engaging and impressive writing throughout. The show doesn’t treat the watcher like a child which allows for natural character arcs, complex stories, and deeper topics. It’s also an interesting take on a school anime that you won’t expect, despite it’s humble beginnings.