Norman Pattiz’s Podcast Network Releases Beyond the Darkness

Norman Pattiz, who is PodcastOne’s founder and executive chairman informed the public of the release of a new podcast, which is known as Beyond the Darkness. The show will be on the podcast network of Chris Jericho of the WWE. It will still be a unit of the PodcastOne, and its main program will be to offer entertaining and informative conversations with researchers who will be challenging all the beliefs that people have about angels, ghosts, ghouls, aliens, demons, monsters, demon, miracles, and mysteries. The hosts of the show will be Dave Schrader, a renowned author, and Tim Dennis, who is an excellent radio host and producer. Episodes of the program will be released on Monday on iTunes, the PodcastOne app, and


According to Norman, Chris Jericho has been one of the valuable people at the PodcastOne network, and he has managed to drive the Jericho Network Collection to be beyond wrestling. He has been hosting comedians, and he now has Beyond the Darkness, which is a paranormal show. Jericho said that he anticipates that the show will attract a broad audience. The network is advertiser-supported, and it has more than 200 podcasts.


It has specialized in broadcasting news, entertainment, sports, talk shows, and traffic. Westwood One has been involved in the management of CBS News, CNN Radio, NBC Radio Networks, Mutual Broadcasting System and many sports in the United States. Pattiz also founded the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.


Mr. Pattiz has achieved a lot in his career. He worked in the USA’s Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) where he was appointed to serve by President Clinton in 2000 and President Bush in 2002. The role of the BBG is to supervise US nonmilitary broadcasting networks in the country such as The Voice of America, Radio Liberty, and many others. He was in charge of the creation and introduction of the America’s Arabic television and radio networks in the Middle East’s 22 nations. He also established the station that broadcasts in the Farsi language in Iran, and it reaches more than 40 million people weekly. Mr. Pattiz currently serves the University of California as a Regent. He is also working at the chairperson of the national security laboratories that are based in Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore.

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