Luciana Lossio Takes Over Brazilian Ministry

The exceedingly honored legal representative Luciana Lóssio is being affirmed to the Superior Electoral Legal system. Her new title will be the Minister. The occasion is especially well timed, with a series of vacancies becoming available in the court, namely one that opened when Arnaldo Versiani, the court’s prior Minister, resigned his posting. These new openings in the court, three positions to be precise, are to be held entirely by attorneys. No other applicants may be considered for the positions. Luciana Lóssio is celebrated for having a wide-ranging experience of established and renowned accomplishments throughout her legal career. She has time and again proven herself to be devoted to the legal vocation, and to perform her duties to the best of her ability for her clientele. Luciana Lóssio has been chosen as Minister because she has established herself as being highly proficient from her years of dedicated service as the interim minister for the court system.


Luciana’s wide ranging career involves serving as a crucial component of the Electoral Law, while at the Brazilian Institute. Luciana is recognized as an eloquent presenter, which is an indispensable ability for the appointment that she will shortly take over. Her philosophy is that the utmost reverence for individuals, with focus on their legal and constitutional rights, must be protected.


Luciana Lóssio acquired her law degree in 1999 from the highly regarded University Center, located in Brazil. She attained the OAB endorsement for the Bar in Brazil, also in 1999. Because of her longing to add to her knowledge, Luciana accomplished a sequence of postgraduate studies. One such study was in Municipal Bureaucratic Law, another was in the laws of State & Constitution, and last but not least, a foundation in the laws of Departmental & Civic Prosecution.


For a period of almost a decade, Luciana was engaged at the Attorney General’s Office, where she collaborated with both Geraldo Brindeiro and Cláudio Fonteles. These two are esteemed and prior attorney generals. This allowed Luciana the advantage of acting as a consultant for cases which required her to work meticulously, creatively and in compatibility with the law to establish the best decision for her clientele.


Her peers consider Luciana to be an original thinker, who has a history of innovation and experience, which appears to be beyond her years, because Luciana has a wonderful talent for handling situations with a composed demeanor.

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