Jeffry Schneider: An Inspiration and Gift to the World

To say that the world could use more people like Jeffry Schneider is an understatement. Not only is Jeffry the Founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC, but he is also a man who inspires and helps others. The culture he fosters at Ascendant has helped to grow it from a company of just two employees to one that now has over 50 employees. In an environment of encouragement, open dialogue, trust and transparency, every team member at the company feels completely valued. Their investors are top priority, and this is very clear as Ascendant has managed to raise over $1 billion in capital. The company is looking to continue to grow and as it does, Jeffry has maintained his commitment to continuing the positive culture at Ascendant.

Jeffry Schneider also inspires people through his healthy lifestyle. He knows the pitfalls of an America diet and not only watches what he eats but also participates in numerous half Ironman challenges. To enlighten himself further and to grow his understanding of different cultures, he travels to numerous different countries. By putting his health first, he knows that he will be around long enough to help as many people as possible.

Jeffry’s generosity is a model that would greatly benefit the world if more people emulated it. His philanthropy is well-known and he donates his money and time to several different charitable organizations and causes. One of these is Cherokee Home for Children, which is a Texas-based organization that helps abused and neglected kids to live a better life. They also help households that are struggling with financial or health issues and provide a Christian home environment for children dependent on others for care. Jeffry believes that no child should suffer needlessly, and feels that if more people would just donate some of their time and financial resources that the world could eventually solve the problem of poverty. Since children sometimes suffer the most, Jeffry has chosen to help different organizations that lift children up.