Doe Deere Has Some Pretty Awesome Ideas on Leadership

Beauty artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere, believes in the power of positivity, whether it comes to designing her own unique brand of indie cosmetics or inspiring those who help her coordinate her beauty empire.


Born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova, she came to New York as a teen and reinvented herself as Doe Deere a musician, fashion expert and beauty advisor. In 2008, Ms.Deere launched her indie cosmetic company, Lime Crime, that features bold lip and eye colors in ethereal shades ranging from metallic blue shimmers to smoky red velvets.


Social media was instrumental in helping Doe Deere grow her brand, and her sites on Tumblr and Instagram feature photos of her fans, called Unicorns, who refuse to play it safe with traditional makeup colors. Whether heading out to the office or a night on the town, women wearing Lime Crime cosmetics are making an artistic statement wherever they go and have the selfies to prove it. The fact that her cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly has helped her grow an environmentally conscious fan base.


Starting her company on a shoestring budget and a big dream, Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime have received attention in the business world as well as in the beauty arena.


Quoted in a recent interview for Ideamench,, Ms. Deere says that she uses positive reinforcement, rather than an “iron fist” to get the best out of her employees. From her vendors to employees, to customers, Ms. Deere says that respecting everyone around you is critical for a positive business environment. Like other web-based companies, she has faced challenges growing and maintaining her Lime Crime brand. Rather than taking a defeatist attitude when things have gone wrong, Doe Deere says that maintaining trust and communication with your workers and customers is key. Her belief in transparency and garnering consumer feedback has helped make her a role model for budding entrepreneurs, who will no doubt also face fierce competition in the online marketplace. Ms. Deere claims that having support from loved ones is a big help in realizing your dreams. She says that having her husband, Mark, on her side as company President is also a powerful advantage. Originally inspired by a family friend who gifted her with a tube of green mascara, Doe Deere’s experimenting with makeup has made her an indie cosmetic empire.

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