Digital PR Pro Believes in Thinking Less and Doing More

Darius Fisher, the CEO of online reputation firm Status Labs, has enjoyed an interesting and successful career. Starting in college, he first became his own boss selling used furniture, which he bought at discount prices from distressed sellers. Later, he gravitated towards the online reputation management industry, recognizing an untapped niche with huge growth potential. Through it all, he said that his own tendency towards making things happen rather than sitting around and thinking about them has been one of the keys to his success.



Fisher encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid paralysis by analysis


Fisher believes that one of the main reasons that people fail to become successful entrepreneurs is that they never get out of the starting blocks. Far from shunning analysis, Fisher believes that a respect for the data and careful forethought are key components of any successful business strategy. However, he also warns that aspiring entrepreneurs can become bogged down in the what-if’s and the potential negatives. Another form of paralysis by analysis that he warns of is the type where people have too many ideas, and are, thus, unable to focus on any one long enough to see a project through to completion. Fisher believes that success in business is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. While careful calculation has an indispensable place, it can’t be allowed to strangle a project in the crib.


But Darius Fisher, like most people who discover that they are naturally suited to being their own boss, is addicted to the dynamic and, at times, highly unpredictable challenges that running a business presents daily. He revels in solving the challenges with which he’s faced, including people who refuse to pay, recruiting world-class team members and even dealing with rogue executives. Through defending against a constant barrage of crises such as these, Fisher has developed thick skin and an implacable drive to keep moving forward, crushing obstacles and vanquishing foes like an Abrams tank.


Daily Beast mentions, as CEO of a mid-sized company now employing over 40 people, Fisher also cites his ability to delegate tasks and match people’s innate talents with appropriate jobs as one of the key factors in his ongoing success.

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Finding Peace and Practicing Gratitude With Darius Fisher


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