Cone Marshall’s Expertise in Tax

Many countries are today coming to together to work on matters that were previously done individually. Many people are in support of globalization today. One area that countries have to together to work on is tax law. Cone Marshall, a well-established law firm in New Zealand, specializes in tax matters. The success of this firm is linked to the efforts of Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, his associate. This firm specializes in tax law. Trust planning is rewarding especially when different countries come together to solve issues.


According to Parnell, Cone Marshall is specialized in counseling on tax matters. This, together with the firm’s prowess in litigation, help in taking the company to higher levels in New Zealand and internationally.


New Zealand is a country that takes tax transparency seriously. Many people are wrong to believe that NZ is a tax sanctuary where firms run without paying their taxes. Most of the time, tax havens adjust their minimum taxes. Read more: Cone Marshall and Geofery Cone | Global Legal Insights

Tax havens are not transparent. For example, if you deposit a huge sum of money at a bank in NZ from the U.S., tax transparency in NZ will contact the U.S. to ask about the source of this money.

Karen Marshall

Karen M. has been working at Cone Marshall for more than ten years now. She attained her Law degree at Otago University. She stayed in the UK for 10 years, working at a big firm practicing law in the commercial department.

She has worked as Cone’s principal for 11 years now. During this time, she has been advising statutory trustee companies on trustee powers and liabilities. She has also worked with charitable trustees giving them advice on beneficiary claims. She has now been promoted to trust director at this firm for her experience in trust.

Cone Marshall


Cone Marshall offers services to family advisers, private banks, and trustees among others. This is a limited liability company that offers advice on succession, structuring and full tax. The company was formed in 1999 and has registered continued growth over the years gaining both local and international recognition by firms that deal in tax.

Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Marshall are the masterminds behind this firm. Cone went to Otago University just like Karen. He also has a postgraduate diploma. He has many years experience in trusts and tax laws.

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