Kim Dao’s Waiting for Pokemon GO to Come to Japan

“Pokémon GO in Japan” is a video where Kim Dao, who is a huge fan of Pokémon, shares her frustration over Pokémon GO not being in Japan yet. The video begins with Kim Dao and her friend performing a skit inside of the Pokémon store where they suddenly realize that there are no Pokémon to be captured. It makes them angry so they leave the store in a huff. The scene then flashes to Kim Dao sitting down at her computer and reading that the game is available in other areas, but the Tokyo launch simply states “TBA” or to be announced. Kim Dao then checks Facebook only to see that other people are enjoying the game, this only fuels her anger. The video is very humorous in it’s tone as Kim Dao decides that she’s going to create her own Pokémon GO. Using stuffed animals, she captures them physically instead of digitally. Kim Dao and her friend spend all day walking, searching for what they can capture, but as night falls Kim Dao realizes their journey was to no avail. Kim Dao then pretends to cry, upset that she can’t join the rest of the gamers all over the world in playing this game.