The Significance of Vintners in the UK Wine Industry

The UK Wine Industry boasts a long and exciting history. Since the pre-Roman times to date, winemaking has been a lucrative economic activity. Winemaking and trading firms have been set up in the United Kingdom in thousands. Some wine companies such as the UK Vintners of London have operated for several centuries while others are barely a year old. The UK is debatably one of the biggest importers of wine in the word. The major UK wine sector bodies include:

  1. The United Vineyards Association (UKVA): This organization consists of winemakers in the UK. It represents the interests of UK vintners.
  1. The Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA): This association has members from all sections of the wine sector.
  1. The Food Standards Agency (FSA): It offers advice and imposes wine laws in the UK via its Wine Standards Inspectors. The competent Inspectors conduct thorough inspections when they visit traders and warehouses. All UK vineyards are required by the law to register as members of the agency.

Duties of UK Vintners

Vintners are professional who engages actively in the winemaking process. They serve as employees of wine firms and wineries. They have a perfect mastery of the science and technology of making wines that meet the high level of quality. Duties of UK vintners include:

  • Working in close collaboration with viticulturists, administrators, and marketing department on coming up with ideal grape growing strategies
  • Conduct laboratory tests to track the growth progress of grapes, examine their quality and define the correct time for harvesting
  • Guide the pressing of grapes
  • Determine the duration of maceration procedure, supervise the filtering process to get rid of remaining solids, and test the quality of resultant wine by tasting
  • Storing the filtered wine in tanks or casks for maturation
  • Overseeing the bottling procedure once the wine has matured
  • Ensuring the wine has retained its top quality even after being bottled

Ideas for Buying Wine from a UK Vintner

There are hundreds of UK vintners using their websites to sell wine. Most offer amazing perks such as affordable shipping and discounted costs for bulk purchases. Therefore, buying wine from a UK vintner via an online platform is not only convenient but also a budget friendly move. Do some homework on the shipping laws that exist in your state. If it is legal to purchase wine from other countries, you can embark on the process of identifying a reliable merchant. Visit the websites of several UK vintners and check out comments from their clients. Once you identify a reputable merchant, you can register as a client on the website and proceed with the purchase procedure. Be sure to read their terms of purchase and shipping.

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