Todd Lubar: How to Become a Successful Investor and Stay technologically Up to Date

As an experienced entrepreneur, Todd Lubar often shares his knowledge with the people. He endeavors to see emerging entrepreneurs achieve success. He is also a technology enthusiast who follows closely on emerging technological trends.

The Smart Home

The smart home technology that has changed the real estate sector is the recent trend to hit the market. This technology entails home devices and fixings that are connected to a smart device, such as a smart phone or a computer. The smart device acts as the central control unit that allows the home owner to monitor the home from any location. The wave of this trend has hit investors in a big way, with several of them incorporating it into their homes. Some of the features of a smart home are smart lights and locks. The smart lights allow a person light up a room from a control device. This feature is beneficial to a person living with disabilities who cannot put on the lights manually. The smart home technology, however, has some limitations. In areas where it is designed to recognize a voice, it can fail if the user has a voice impairment.

A Winning Strategy

People get into business for different reasons and visions. The traits required to become a professional investor are standard. Todd Lubar cites persistence as the number one feature that keeps them going despite encountering hurdles along the way. They also need to show maximum dedication to their ventures. Enough knowledge on the areas of their ventures is equally necessary. They, however, need to be flexible to listen to advice as well as change their strategy if it leads to a dead end. Rejection will come along the way. Entrepreneurs need to be brave to go through the fear and failures.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an accomplished individual in the real estate and mortgage banking sectors. His career started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He then worked for several companies in the mortgage banking industry before moving to the real estate arena.

Lubar currently runs TDL Global Ventures as the President. The Syracuse University graduate is also a Snr. VP at Legendary Investments. Follow Todd on Twitter.