The Number One Peer-Review Medical Journal Portal Oncotarget

Oncology is a remarkably broad and traverse niche with new developments getting released constantly. You can imagine the frustrations faced by independent cancer researchers as they attempt to come up with new innovations and treatment. It feels as if they are operating blind without knowing whether another scientist on a remote part of the world has already worked on that particular problem set or approach. Such handicaps often lead to delayed progress in the elusive search for viable cancer cure therapies; much to the detriment of the millions of cancer patients, globally. Oncotarget is a privately owned online medical journal whose primary goal is to pool together all the relevant medical findings on oncology in one place.

Oncortarget’s Chief Editors

This movement started in 2010 and the driving forces behind the idea came from two of the most prolific cancer scientists in the nation. The main roles played by the co-founders, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, at Oncortarget mostly involve proof-reading, testing and analysis of the submitted medical abstract journals before they finally publish them to the world. Today, Oncotarget has posted a large number of fascinating content talking about patient’s experiences upon using some of the latest cancer therapies and treatments hitting the marketplace.


Open Access Policy

Oncotarget is an influential peer-reviewed oncology journal which lets researchers and scholars quickly share their study findings with the rest of the world. One of the golden rules is that the contributors must consent to the distribution of their work online. For the past five years, the establishment has scored an average Journal Impact Factor of 2.235, according to


On the other hand, the Thomson Reuters JCR Impact Factor has placed Oncortaget first out of all the peer review journals available, for the last six years, back to back. Reuters Factor repeatedly stated the efficient and systematic methodology used by the staff at Oncotarget to filter journals as one of the top reasons they topped their prestigious rating. The unprecedented success of the establishment has seen it expand its portfolio to now accept medical journals from other field’s asides oncology. The new medical genres, authors can now publish on include pharmacology, microbiology, neurosciences and in cardiology. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

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