Billy McFarland Provides a Way for Millennials to Socially Connect:

When persons use the words: “Reach Out,” there are no better words used, in way describing a networking opportunity. So how did the twenty-three year old entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, reach out to his Millennial cultural circle?

According to Crunchbase, quite simply, the industrious and resourceful Billy McFarland, took it upon himself, to create networking opportunities, by way of his weighty and prestigious Magnises black card.

The card is, quite literally, a social magnet for the high-stylized professional Millennial. The demographic, with regard to the card, according to McFarland is a group of persons ranging, in age, from twenty years old to thirty-five years old. The persons engaged in making use of the card are comprised of professionals originating from the fashion industry, technological sector, and finance industry.

The meeting up, with regard to this professional playing field, is achieved by way of Billy’s black card. The card is metal, and is weighty.

The user of it, quite literally, shows the black card, at the door of hard-to-gain- entry nightclubs and other partnered Magnises venues. The places partnered with the company are considered highly relevant and trendy and are considered perfect locations for the Millennial professional.

Persons who wish to acquire the card must apply online. There is a reasonable $250 annual investment. Once, the prospect is approved, by the Magnises team, the cardholder enjoys discounts galore, access to the best clubs inside the city, and invitations to special events.

An App makes it possible for the user to attain immediate discounting, for his or her preferred activity, for that day.

In conclusion, when it comes to networking success, the enterprising McFarland, has paved a way for his generation to accomplish it–by way of the prestigious, one-of-a- kind, fashionable Magnises black card.

Too: another feature is the Magnises card can be easily tied to the user’s debit or credit card, allowing him or her to use it for purposes of payment, when out and about, visiting all of the city’s prime locations. It is nearly impossible to attain a better social-business networking tool.