Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency, also known as the Wilhelmina Brown Agency, is an agency which specializes in fashion, commercial print, television, film, and commercial. The group is one of the best ones in its market, having received dozens of prizes, and having a reputation in the fashion world of very high prestige.

It is operated and owned by Justin Brown, who founded the agency in 2010 at Austin, Texas. By the time he decided to create his own firm in the fashion industry, he was in love with the fashion world and wanted to be a part of it as an entrepreneur. Since then, it has grown into one of the best modeling agencies in the world of print models and fashion. Many agencies actually have changed their business models since the skyrocketing of the Brown Agency. Justin Brown’s business now serves as a model for most of the other companies in the same market.

Justin Brown’s agency nurtures and develops a model’s career and makes sure they reach their full potential in the fashion industry. This was the biggest goal of the entrepreneur behind the agency, as he wanted to make the fashion world more bearable for fashion models. Many other agencies require extreme conditions from their models, but Justin Brown believed that their love for the job would increase their dedication towards great achievements.

The Brown Modeling Agency is composed of people whose passion is fashion and have given their hearts out to the fashion industry. Since its founding, the models that The Brown Modeling Agency has hired and trained for many months have also been employed by the most prominent fashion brands in the industry, such as Loreal, Dell, Louis Vuitton, and other big names in the fashion world.

Brown Agency models have also graced the runways and catwalks of Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and countless other fashion events. The agency and founder Justin Brown himself always credit their models for the success of their agency because for them. According to the entrepreneur and founder himself, the models are the life of the agency, and the only thing the agency does is unlock their full potential.

The agency doesn’t just develop new talents. They also specialize in working with already great talents in order to prepare them for the bigger leagues in the world of fashion. The agency’s goals have always been centered on their abilities, and its aim is for their talents to become the most professional, elegant, gorgeous, and dependable models in Texas.

For aspiring models thinking of signing up to Brown Agency, they have an open call every Thursday at 3-4pm at 100 Congress Avenue Suite 100. The website is

Kate Hudson’ Fabletics: Helping People With Their Workout Session

Fabletics is a modern, member-based digital store designed by Kate Hudson and exclusively for fitness apparel. Their clothes are specifically designed to take you to real life from the fitness studio, and they do a very good job of selling a diversity of cute clothes for a workout that any woman would love to use.


There are only two types of its members, either regular or VIP, there is no middle thing. Jft like the name implies, regular will get services of regular client and VIP will get special deals with extra discount and other amenities that regular can only think off. The reason for that difference is that regular client can sign up without paying any fee with the help of their email address, and start shopping for the training gear whenever they wish but that gear would be available at regular prices. VIP members, on the other hand, pay to get enrolled and of course, they will get a special discount, cheap rates and exclusive variety that won’t be available for the regular customer.


VIP will also get different deals on apparel along with free shipping, but the problem is that they will be bound to pay $49.95 each month unless they are to “skip” a month. Whether it is from expensive stores like Athleta, or just from a brick and mortar store like Old Navy or Target, people like shopping. Having stylish fitness gear makes them excited to do a vigorous workout, and sometimes little excitement boost is just what one need to get out from the bed and go out for the workout sessions.


Unlike the corresponding item that is becoming wasted by showroom techniques, where a potential customer browses offline and afterward purchase economical elsewhere, Fabletics reversed that old reverse showroom model because of the distinctive way they began. Despite a negative result, Fabletics designed a system that can turn such browsing into a positive thing. In fact, Fabletics could have gone to the ordinary pop-up store route, but they prefer to stick with the plan, and their present strategy allows them to form new relationships, be trusted on and know more about local markets with the help of different online activities and through different events.


And now with their consistent hard work, now whosoever visit their website, won’t leave it without becoming its member, no matter if it is regular or VIP but the left after becoming a member. That’s a huge achievement, especially in this time when the internet is full of competition. Even in this business industry, when there are fashion giants are, Kate did a dare to open a brand and then take it to a new height with her hard work, dedication, and efforts.


Fabletics is not insisting their customer purchase things no matter what they do; they consider trading another service element. Fabletics thinks it is working hard to build a reimagined and modern version of ‘top value brand’ since the day one; their membership model is what allows their member to get on-trend fashion and personalized service at half the price as compare to their competitors.

Doe Deere Has Some Pretty Awesome Ideas on Leadership

Beauty artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere, believes in the power of positivity, whether it comes to designing her own unique brand of indie cosmetics or inspiring those who help her coordinate her beauty empire.


Born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova, she came to New York as a teen and reinvented herself as Doe Deere a musician, fashion expert and beauty advisor. In 2008, Ms.Deere launched her indie cosmetic company, Lime Crime, that features bold lip and eye colors in ethereal shades ranging from metallic blue shimmers to smoky red velvets.


Social media was instrumental in helping Doe Deere grow her brand, and her sites on Tumblr and Instagram feature photos of her fans, called Unicorns, who refuse to play it safe with traditional makeup colors. Whether heading out to the office or a night on the town, women wearing Lime Crime cosmetics are making an artistic statement wherever they go and have the selfies to prove it. The fact that her cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly has helped her grow an environmentally conscious fan base.


Starting her company on a shoestring budget and a big dream, Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime have received attention in the business world as well as in the beauty arena.


Quoted in a recent interview for Ideamench,, Ms. Deere says that she uses positive reinforcement, rather than an “iron fist” to get the best out of her employees. From her vendors to employees, to customers, Ms. Deere says that respecting everyone around you is critical for a positive business environment. Like other web-based companies, she has faced challenges growing and maintaining her Lime Crime brand. Rather than taking a defeatist attitude when things have gone wrong, Doe Deere says that maintaining trust and communication with your workers and customers is key. Her belief in transparency and garnering consumer feedback has helped make her a role model for budding entrepreneurs, who will no doubt also face fierce competition in the online marketplace. Ms. Deere claims that having support from loved ones is a big help in realizing your dreams. She says that having her husband, Mark, on her side as company President is also a powerful advantage. Originally inspired by a family friend who gifted her with a tube of green mascara, Doe Deere’s experimenting with makeup has made her an indie cosmetic empire.

Billy McFarland Provides a Way for Millennials to Socially Connect:

When persons use the words: “Reach Out,” there are no better words used, in way describing a networking opportunity. So how did the twenty-three year old entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, reach out to his Millennial cultural circle?

According to Crunchbase, quite simply, the industrious and resourceful Billy McFarland, took it upon himself, to create networking opportunities, by way of his weighty and prestigious Magnises black card.

The card is, quite literally, a social magnet for the high-stylized professional Millennial. The demographic, with regard to the card, according to McFarland is a group of persons ranging, in age, from twenty years old to thirty-five years old. The persons engaged in making use of the card are comprised of professionals originating from the fashion industry, technological sector, and finance industry.

The meeting up, with regard to this professional playing field, is achieved by way of Billy’s black card. The card is metal, and is weighty.

The user of it, quite literally, shows the black card, at the door of hard-to-gain- entry nightclubs and other partnered Magnises venues. The places partnered with the company are considered highly relevant and trendy and are considered perfect locations for the Millennial professional.

Persons who wish to acquire the card must apply online. There is a reasonable $250 annual investment. Once, the prospect is approved, by the Magnises team, the cardholder enjoys discounts galore, access to the best clubs inside the city, and invitations to special events.

An App makes it possible for the user to attain immediate discounting, for his or her preferred activity, for that day.

In conclusion, when it comes to networking success, the enterprising McFarland, has paved a way for his generation to accomplish it–by way of the prestigious, one-of-a- kind, fashionable Magnises black card.

Too: another feature is the Magnises card can be easily tied to the user’s debit or credit card, allowing him or her to use it for purposes of payment, when out and about, visiting all of the city’s prime locations. It is nearly impossible to attain a better social-business networking tool.