Betsy DeVos

With education and the future of the children of our nation at the forefront of minds, one name has become synonymous with educational reform. Betsy DeVos has been a paragon of progressive change since her years at Calvin College. It was there that she developed her political nature and moved toward education reform as a major goal in her life. In the 1990s she successfully helped to pass the bill creating the first charter schools in Michigan, and pushed hard for a Michigan state constitutional reform providing for tax credit scholarships or vouchers. Sadly the second of these initiatives were unsuccessful.

In addition to serving as chairwoman of The Windquest Group a major player in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy, she also serves as chairwoman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. She also has served on the boards of several charities including Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. It is through these charities she fights so zealously for the children that will inherit this nation some day.


One of the biggest reforms Mrs. DeVos has pushed for is the creation of school choice programs. It is through these programs that students are able to have the option to attend a school where they can get the specialized attention they so deserve. Mrs. DeVos has been quoted as having never been more optimistic about these programs and the benefits they can bring our children.

There are presently more than 250 thousand students enrolled in 33 publicly funded private school choice programs in 17 states. This is a drastic change from where things started with the idea considered quite radical; however, Mrs. DeVos has always had quite a clear vision for where these programs would lead.

Betsy DeVos has always had a grand vision where students would be able to learn from quality educators in a safe supportive environment. The programs she has helped to bring about stand in stark contrast to many inner city schools where violence and gang activity usurp power from the teachers and diminish the ability of many students to elevate themselves from their present situation.

Thankfully now as the present Secretary of Education for the United States she has the power and resources at her disposal to effect real change. The hard work has finally paid off and maybe with Mrs. DeVos at the head of the table the future might be a little brighter for our next generation. Read more news on