Bridget Scarr: Top Executive Producer in the Colibri Studios

Bridget Scar is known for her writing skills and creativity as a producer who has a high ambition for developing content which extends far and wide. From virtual reality, television, to digital content and interactive exhibition, her works are widely accepted both emotionally and intellectually. Bridget is also known for her seasonal producer works and has had at least 15 years of experience in animation, advertising, and in television as well. Through her career, she has the responsibility to oversee content that is creative and technical across the different production platforms.


Bridget is currently the head of content development in the Colibri studios. She participates in the daily development and interacts with international broadcasters, project partners, and talent that is creative. The idea of the Colibri studios came as a result of a transition that Bridget was going through. Her previous career was production in television where she was involved in bringing people’s ideas to life. Later, she decided to move to the creation of creative content, and that’s where the start of Colibri studios was foreseen. The typical day of Bridget begins with meditation. It helps her to get more energy to face the day and also remain focused. She then spends some time having light breakfast with her family and a drive to the office. Every day, Bridget has some objectives that she targets to accomplish.


Talking about how Bridget bring her ideas into life, the inspiration she gets from a project gives her the driving force. Currently, she is working on augmented reality that sets a platform for users to connect with the history through stories of people who were there by that time. This project brings out facts and scripted elements in the form of an app that embraces the use of landmarks and monuments as a way of coming up with factual information. Bridget is interested in trends where virtual reality is pushing to utilize technology most positively.


She believes that when there are interaction and immersion, limitless possibilities are created. In everyday activities, Bridget Scarr is focused on nurturing a creative spirit. It is achieved when she takes her time out to laugh and play with her son. Through this, she can develop better ideas and have a meaningful connection with the world. Elimination of fear is the first strategy towards achieving all your wildest dreams on earth. It helps you trust your journey and God-given gifts. Other than believing in all sort of innovation, Bridget also believes in magic. It is something that many people find it so hard to believe. Although Bridget did not have a smooth start, she was able to bounce back and become the successful producer she is today.


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