Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner Responsible for Dubai’s Revitalized Real Estate Market

The fourth-richest Arabian on Earth (according to Forbes), Hussain Sajwani, who is also the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties, recounts a time back when the company he built from the ground up was in jeopardy. When the 2008 crash of the global real estate market occurred, he foresaw the impending drop and jumped into crisis mode, cutting jobs, expenses, and consolidating land and projects while his company received bad press because of it. It was a rough six months, states the DAMAC owner.


1996 was the first time Hussain Sajwani ventured into real estate development, building hotels in Dubai, and he went on to found DAMAC in 2002. In 1982, just two years after graduating from the University of Washington, he started a catering business, which continues to operate to this day. He learned his entrepreneurial skills from his father, who was a successful shop owner, in-tuned with his client base.


The DAMAC owner was able to keep his company afloat by making smart business decisions, including not consolidating or selling ten buildings in Business Bay, and he also kept business going in the Marina. Hussain Sajwani also adds that escrow funds helped keep DAMAC Properties alive. It’s a time in his thirty five years of business experience that he doesn’t like talking about, according to Arabian Business.


DAMAC Properties is responsible for building several luxury real estate projects in Dubai from 2002 to 2005, thus leading to the city attracting growing attention from around the world, from numerous media sources to curious investors, though the DAMAC owner did not take any money from investors, funding his company through his profitable side businesses and his regional stock investments. They went global and started projects in other countries like Egypt and Lebanon, and their reputation grew in tandem. Their prosperity came to a halt when the 2008 crisis occurred, but they rebounded with an IPO worth $379 million on the London Stock Exchange as of late 2013.


DAMAC Properties has a 2016 revenue of nearly $2 billion and Hussain Sajwani has a net worth of $4.2 billion as of 2017.

An Overview Of The Life And Career of ID Life’s Logan Stout

While he was young, Logan Stout loved sports and baseball. He always looked forward to coming up with the winning strategies regardless of whether it was in sports, classroom or on a hobby-inspired project. He attended the J.J. Pearce High School based in his hometown Richardson, Texas. During his high school years, Logan served as a member of the Student Athletic Council. Apart from being a top student, he also earned the MVP title in both his junior as well as senior basketball seasons. As a student at Pearce, he used to play both baseball and basketball.


As he was naturally wired to look for success, Logan Stout progressed to become a professional athlete playing baseball. He got his business degree from Panola as well as a psychology degree that he earned at the University of Dallas. He won a number of accolades from playing baseball in college. He also coached at the Dallas Baptist University, where he used to serve as a youth minister.

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Logan Stout’s childhood memories are full of enjoyment of different sports with his friends or teammates and coaching baseball. He harbors a deep passion to helping people, a factor that led him to start the Dallas Patriots. It is currently among the biggest baseball organizations worldwide. Mr. Stout looks forward to helping every young person who enjoys baseball to maximize their potential. His forward-thinking mindset led him to becoming a prosperous entrepreneur. Mr. Logan Stout aims at helping people achieve their best via physical health. He is a firm believer that a healthy body, mind and soul is a huge contributing factor to success. In 2014, he developed a company named ID Life that deals in a number of healthcare products.

About ID Life

ID Life is a health and wellness corporation that deals in a line of products aimed at personalized nutrition. ID Life is focused on the creation of only original products by finding the top class ingredients possible. The company is wholly dedicated to offering nothing but the best in terms of purity and quality in its products. This is an unmatched dedication in the industry. ID Life’s recommendation, path and product is fully based on research and studies backed by science.

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A Look At How Rick Shinto’s Leadership Propels InnovaCare’s Success

Providing quality healthcare and putting the patient first is the mission that InnovaCare Health, Inc., was built upon. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA continues this tradition at the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He has been a leader in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years as both a practicing physician and in management. He leads InnovaCare’s dedication to providing physician practice services, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage plans to the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Rick Shinto attended the University of California and earned his B.S. there. He earned his medical degree at the University of New York and attended the University of Redlands in order to earn his MBA. He began his professional career in Southern California practicing as a Pulmonologist and Internist. His first management role was at MedPartners as a Corporate Vice President. He then joined Cal Optima Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer.

Rick Shinto has also been the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management, another healthcare provider. He was the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM in California and just prior to taking on his role at InnovaCare Health he was the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto has also authored a number of books and articles about clinical medicine and the field of healthcare.

The leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto has led to his earning an Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young. His leadership has also been expressed by the clients that InnovaCare Health provides plans to as they consistently rank at a 90% customer satisfaction ranking. He believes in running a transparent company that communicates well between not only management and staff but also clear communication with their clients.

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As the world of healthcare gets ever more complicated due to increasing government rules and regulations as well as the competitive landscape, healthcare companies like InnovaCare Health need high-quality leaders like Dr. Rick Shinto who can clearly communicate their strategic vision and dedication to building a positive team culture. the company has had a great deal of success since his arrival in 2012, meeting new revenue and profit records. He also assures that the patients always come first and that his company does its part in building strong patient-doctor relationships that promote healthy living. Learn more about Rick on

The Exemplary Performance Of Finance Specialist And Business Leader Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the incredible financial professional, business leader and executive of several companies. Although Brian is a native of UK, the senior positions that he has held require his to interact and collaborate with financial specialists and business people from different parts of the world.

Brian started his career with IBM Limited where he worked closely with reputable manufacturers of printers in Korea and Japan. He has played a significant part in the negotiation of business deals not only in Eastern Europe but also in Mexico and West Coast of United States. Due to his a series of successful business deals, Bonar is assigned an honorable title Lord Bonar.

Business, engineering, and finance are the primary fields of knowledge and experience. He studied Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University located in Glasgow, Scotland. He furthered his studies and earned MBA and a Ph. D. in International Business Development from Stafford University, England.

His higher education, business exposure, and experience provided a firm foundation for Bonar’s successful business career. He has held respectable positions in more than ten reputable companies.

Some of the key companies that gave Brian Bonar an opportunity to gain tangible experience include Rastec Corp., Trucept Inc., Bezier Systems, Warning Management Systems, Itec Imaging Technologies, Adaptec Inc., Amanda Company, The Solvis Group, Tradeshow Products, and Smart-Tek Automated Services.

Apart from these, Brian earned the position of the CEO and Executive Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corp. back in 2001. The senior position gave him a chance to demonstrate unmatched expertise in a relatively different area. He has turned out to be a great financial manager and it is clear that his experience working with diverse organizations has made him an authority in finance matters.

Whitepages said that Brian Bonar was recently named the Executive of the Year for Finance by Cambridge Publishing. He earned the title due to critical analysis of his performance as well as academic and professional accomplishments.

The effective leadership of Brian Bonar and his positive view of life has made his one of the most popular financial professionals. He appreciated by engineers, financial professionals, business partners, employees, and clients.

He has a cheerful and creative mind and as his associates celebrate his achievements so far, Brian is busy identifying or pursuing new opportunities. He is the owner of a reputable restaurant called Bellamy’s and he is currently constructing others in California.

Besides, he has collaborated with a master chef, Patrick Ponsaty to establish a luxurious eatery and entertainment space. In addition, Brian is exploring his effective management skills to come up with solutions to common problems relating to administration, resource allocation, employee benefits, taxation, and payroll management.

His consistent development and achievements are likely to lead to greater achievements in the future.