Lacey and Larkin Use Organization to Help Minorities

In a country that has a population of people who are from different backgrounds, most people would think that the law enforcement officials and the government would be able to make things better for people, but that is not always the case.

In fact, many people who are in these areas have to make sure that they are protected by outside forces so that they will be able to be satisfied with the things that they are doing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:

They want to ensure that they are going to be able to enjoy their lives and they rely on organizations to make that a possibility. Since the people who are in these situations are minorities, they have to be able to be protected by different organizations.

Foundations have to work harder now than ever before if they want to protect the people who they are trying to help. When the organizations are trying to make things better for the people who they are serving, they have to do everything possible to make things easier for different people. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

It is something that the organizations have aimed to do and something that will make things easier on minorities, migrants and other people who need their help.

The Frontera Fund is one such foundation that is doing that for other people. They are headed up by two activists who know what it is like to lose their rights and that has helped the foundation to grow to accommodate different people.

They also try to do what they can to people who are close to the border which is where the name “Frontera” comes from. It is an organization that has grown in the time that they have been operating and something that will continue to perform for different purposes.

Even Larkin and Lacey know what it is like to have their rights taken away. They were treated to different things that no other people had to go through and it was difficult for them.

They knew how hard it was on them and they found it hard to imagine what things would be like if they did not have the money, family and support that would make things easier on them. They also figured that it would be difficult for them if they wanted to be able to enjoy different things so they continued to ensure that they would be doing this for other people.

With the Frontera Fund, Lacey and Larkin have been able to help other people out. They know that they can do things that will ensure that they are going to have a successful life and they also know that their lives will continue to get better while they are helping other people out.

Since the men have been doing a lot of help with people who are in difficult situations, they know that their lives are going to improve and things are going to get better so that they can help out with the issues that other people have had in the past.

Donation to Orange Coast College is Out of This World

A recent donation by retired professor Mary McChesney is helping Orange Coast College to add a Foucault pendulum to the new planetarium currently under construction. The Foucault pendulum is a device that is used to demonstrate how our Earth rotates. It will be the only pendulum of its kind in Orange County.

Orange Coast College, OCC, is located in Costa Mesa, California. OCC was originally founded in 1947 and the planetarium dated back to the 1950’s, explaining the need for a newly updated place to study planets.

OCC offers over 135 academic and career programs in a vast array of areas. They also boast the highest rate of students that successfully transfer to the University of California and California State University systems.

Orange Coast College features an outstanding athletics program that continually achieves both state wide and national success. The Pirates have a rich tradition of sporting excellence. OCC has produced championship teams in many areas including football, baseball, and volleyball.

A large part of the reason that OCC continues to thrive is thanks to truly outstanding professors that care about each student and their academic career. Retired professor Mary McChesney made the astronomical donation in honor of her late partner, Adelyn Bonin, also a retired OCC educator.

Their love for the students of OCC and the surrounding community is evident in this generous gift. She hopes that the donation will benefit the students and deepen their love for science.

Construction on the new planetarium began in 2016. College officials plan to open the updated center in time for the Spring 2018 semester.

This learning facility will also be open to local students in grades K through 12, as well as local residents. Overall, this gift of generosity will make an incredible addition the OCC for generations of learners.

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Securus Technologies Helping Officers Stop Inmate Violence

When there is violence inside the jail, it doesn’t matter if it is between rival gangs or two people who hate each other, they put the entire prison in danger. One inmate high on drugs could go from being able to be detained by one officer to battling six of us without trouble. When drugs are involved, we find these inmates can be quite unpredictable, and we have to work very hard to be able to stop the drugs from getting through the door to maintain some degree of order.


My team of corrections officers have a very detailed procedure we go through each day in our efforts to keep drugs from getting into the jail. The first thing that we do is to get to the guest center and physically search each inmate and visitor before and after they interact. We do surprise cell inspections when the inmates are in the cells and when they’re out at the cafeteria. We look through all incoming mail, and we listen closely to every phone call for references to drugs.


Since we had the Securus Technologies team install an updated call monitoring system, we have been able to increase our results with less in the way of personnel. The LBS software can scan all the calls for certain conversations, allowing us to be in more than one place at a time. Once we get the alert, we take immediate action. The Securus Technologies company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and his employees are all helping make this world safer for each of us.


When we listen to the calls and hear inmates discussing getting prescription drugs, hiding their drugs in the yard to avoid detection, or who they are begging to risk freedom to try and bring drugs into the jail, we now take immediate action.


An Overview Of The Life And Career of ID Life’s Logan Stout

While he was young, Logan Stout loved sports and baseball. He always looked forward to coming up with the winning strategies regardless of whether it was in sports, classroom or on a hobby-inspired project. He attended the J.J. Pearce High School based in his hometown Richardson, Texas. During his high school years, Logan served as a member of the Student Athletic Council. Apart from being a top student, he also earned the MVP title in both his junior as well as senior basketball seasons. As a student at Pearce, he used to play both baseball and basketball.


As he was naturally wired to look for success, Logan Stout progressed to become a professional athlete playing baseball. He got his business degree from Panola as well as a psychology degree that he earned at the University of Dallas. He won a number of accolades from playing baseball in college. He also coached at the Dallas Baptist University, where he used to serve as a youth minister.

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Logan Stout’s childhood memories are full of enjoyment of different sports with his friends or teammates and coaching baseball. He harbors a deep passion to helping people, a factor that led him to start the Dallas Patriots. It is currently among the biggest baseball organizations worldwide. Mr. Stout looks forward to helping every young person who enjoys baseball to maximize their potential. His forward-thinking mindset led him to becoming a prosperous entrepreneur. Mr. Logan Stout aims at helping people achieve their best via physical health. He is a firm believer that a healthy body, mind and soul is a huge contributing factor to success. In 2014, he developed a company named ID Life that deals in a number of healthcare products.

About ID Life

ID Life is a health and wellness corporation that deals in a line of products aimed at personalized nutrition. ID Life is focused on the creation of only original products by finding the top class ingredients possible. The company is wholly dedicated to offering nothing but the best in terms of purity and quality in its products. This is an unmatched dedication in the industry. ID Life’s recommendation, path and product is fully based on research and studies backed by science.

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Tammy Mazzocco Redefines Real Estate Marketing

Tammy Mazzocco is a dynamic real estate professional that sells residential properties in central Ohio. She works with RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio and the four counties surrounding the town, all which is located to the Southeast of Columbus.

Tammy started her real estate career as a secretary for a commercial real estate group and continued in that capacity for several years until she decided that selling real estate would probably yield more income than staying in a secretarial mode.

Over the years, Tammy Mazzocco has learned a lot from many of her co-workers and her approach to the real estate business stems from applied practices in the field that work best for her and for her clients. For example, early in her career she was very shy. So much so that she was reluctant to ask clients about their financial status. This is important, because a realtor needs to know this information to help those select properties.

One fellow realtor gave her good advice by telling her just to come right out and ask for the situation, no matter what anyone else thought about it. Tammy tried it, and it worked and she has never had that problem again.

In a Blog Webpedia, Tammy also learned to set goals on a daily basis, and then break them down into smaller packages so that they are easier to work with and accomplish. It helps to keep her on track and she gets more done.

One essential rule that she always tries to follow is essential to her success. That rule says that above all else, getting out into the field and showing houses to prospective buyers is the number one activity that must be done as often as possible.

Tammy Mazzocco makes it a point to get into the shoes of her prospects, as they are many times very vulnerable because they are out of their comfort zones. Most of the time when she can ease their pain, she will get the sale.

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Kevin Seawright’s Administrative and Development Expertise

Kevin Seawright is an administrative and financial expert currently employed with Newark Economic Development Corporation. Seawright has over 13 years of experience working in various executive positions from human resources to finances.

One of the websites in which Kevin Seawright has a major presence is It lists the timeline of his experience, which starts in about 2008 and he was employed as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Executive Vice President at Newark in 2016. He earned his MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) in 2005.

Kevin Seawright is also the founder of RPS Solutions LLC, which oversees development, asset, and government contracting in financially disadvantaged neighborhoods. In founding RPS, he sought to make home ownership easier and more stable for first-time homeowners in Baltimore. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

In doing so, he teamed up with Baltimore City Officials and Housing and Development with the common goal of renovating houses for low-income residents who have not previously qualified for home ownership.

Kevin Seawright and RPS were featured in PRNewswire on July 27, 2016. One success story that was mentioned was that of Seawright’s longtime mentee, Jerel Brown, who jumped at the chance to buy one of the houses renovated by RPS when he was approached by Seawright.

Brown stated that it had previously been next to impossible for him to find upgraded property that fit his budget.

As of the PRNewswire article’s printing, the home ownership rate in the U.S. nationwide was just two points shy of 50 percent. RPS Solutions LLC is working to match or surpass that percentage.

Water and Oil do not Mix Proves Cotemar

With the ongoing effect of global warm, the energy sector is highly affected. On the fact that you are either infected or affected companies that depend heavily on the energy sector to run their businesses have something to say. Oil which is an important element in energy production offers a business opportunity to companies that deal with hydrocarbons. In the likes of a company such as Cotemar Mexico is at its niche enjoying the benefits of oil and gas drilling used in the energy production.


Narrowing down to Cotemar they come from zero to heroes. The involved company found its foundation in the year 1979 with only a few services offered; catering and accommodation respectively. Without losing hope, a few months later they acquired a vessel which would provide maintenance services, transport light materials, and personnel. Ten years later the company showed growth purchasing more ships and had the luck to acquire their first oil rig; the platform would provide accommodation catering services to the energy industry personnel.


At the verge of the decade, Cotemar had successfully received five platforms and operated three specialized vessels. Come 2012, through COSCO; the company placed an order for construction of 3 semisubmersible rigs. However, to ease the transportation of liquids and solids, Cotemar thought it wise to add specialized cranes, and vessels but in the long run, the rigs arrived in 2015. As the company continues to expand its market, it has contributed to the Mexican economy. Therefore it has created employment through offering jobs such as IT, engineering and design and as a result of that, it has empowered the elderly giving those with no formal education training and post-training series jobs.


Good news for future graduates in Mexico Cotemar partners with universities and colleges offering them internship programs from which they gain experience and can easily win jobs in other industries. First, considering security, people work under supervision and also received valid training on aspects concerning safety. Based in Campeche with about 10000 workers, the firm provides development of offshore oil fields whereas other services provided include maintenance and overhauling of platforms.


Furthermore, they are responsible for providing work decks for the construction of pre-manufactured products and storage. Apart from services associated with gas and oil drilling. Cotemar has successfully integrated other services that are; recreational facilities, catering, and accommodation. Cotemar providing an excellent example of what it takes to be a hero one has to first focus on what is at hand since a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


To learn more, visit


As The U.S. Reserve Enters The World Of Digital

The next time you hear about the U.S. Money Reserve, you won’t have to look far. The modern world is connected to most digital outlets, and that likely includes you. After all, you are reading this. But it’s not always clear how important these things are. It’s not always obvious how impactful the digital platforms we find online are.

But the reality is, every word, sentence or paragraph holds great importance within a digital age. And when the U.S. Money Reserve, through the innovation of men like Mr. Phillip N. Diehl, seized the opportunity to exist online, the agency did exactly that. And the results are clear and obvious. What no one expected from a simple U.S. agency happened overnight.

The Risk With Not Having Digital

PR Newswire believes that there’s a risk that the U.S. Money Reserve’s president saw by not taking the modern world into account. There’s a grand development regarding online access, and the vision of one man in the firm saw that something was done for it. What was ultimately created was a Web platform that only professionals can analyze in detail.

With such a great opportunity to scale a business into a wider market, it’s no wonder that Phillip N. Diehl refused to deal with the risk of not being digital. And in hindsight, the choice to move forward with a new Web implement was the equivalent of genius and at its best. So what we expect to see in the coming weeks, months and years is a phenomenon.

Who’s Impacted The Most

Now, you might be wondering who is most impacted by these simple changes. The answer is simple. Everyone is. Everyone has a chance to the agency’s investment options that will undoubtedly improve the lives of those involved. The premise is clear and obvious. Being that the U.S. Money Reserve offers government-backed investments, all they need is a site.

The innovation of Phillip N. Diehl has clearly paid off and connected a one simple solution to the outcome of impressive rewards. It’s likely that this one step forward for the U.S. Money reserve will enable many options to advance even more. Which is likely what the agency’s president wants for the first time.

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“New to you” BMW’s at Beverlly Hills Auto. A superior choice.

A used car is a better car. Especially if it’s a BMW. When you buy new you don’t know what problems the car might have and you can’t predict the resale value. The BMW X5 is a luxury utility vehicle with great resale value while the 7 series resale is awful. Both are great cars but only one is an investment. This is why vendors like Beverly Hills Auto Group are essential.


Beverly Hills Auto Group specializes in used BMWs. They’re all displayed online with something to scratch every automotive itch. They have a low pressure online staff at the ready and there’s an especially impressive collection of BMW’s at Beverly Hills Auto Group.


With precision German engineering, state of the art performance and a rich driving legacy, their cars are the ultimate driving machines. If you love cars you love BMW. If you love BMW, Beverly Hills Auto Group has you covered.

EOS Shimmering Light Effect | Color -Softness and Shine in One

Everyone knows how sexy shimmery lips can be. Well, we are also typically concerned about heavy chemicals on our skin as well as not having chapped lips. You’re in luck; Eos has a variety of designs and flavors that all come in that adorable, convenient and compact egg-shaped container. The lip balm ball inside the container of the shimmer Eos lip balm comes in a satin looking shimmery pink or pearl. The color is not overpowering at all, in fact the pink is soft and subtle with a shimmer that won’t stand out like lip gloss. It will; however, provide a shine like lip gloss. A little goes a long way with this little glimmer ball. Just a swipe over the mouth once and you’ve got a pink or pearl shimmer. The pearl gives a wet shimmery look with no color. Check them out here on


Is EOS healthy for your skin?

Nowadays, people are concerned about what they put on their skin. We can tell you this:you can wear Eos. Shes butter, Jojoba and vitamin E is what you can look forward to in your EOS regardless of type. It’s Gluten-freeParaben-free;Petrolatum-free Phthalate-free so get your Eos on! Find more here on



Does it come in other packaging?

It sure does! You can get organic smooth sticks if you like that type of packaging as well as assorted multi packs. Visit this website.


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