An Overview Of The Life And Career of ID Life’s Logan Stout

While he was young, Logan Stout loved sports and baseball. He always looked forward to coming up with the winning strategies regardless of whether it was in sports, classroom or on a hobby-inspired project. He attended the J.J. Pearce High School based in his hometown Richardson, Texas. During his high school years, Logan served as a member of the Student Athletic Council. Apart from being a top student, he also earned the MVP title in both his junior as well as senior basketball seasons. As a student at Pearce, he used to play both baseball and basketball.


As he was naturally wired to look for success, Logan Stout progressed to become a professional athlete playing baseball. He got his business degree from Panola as well as a psychology degree that he earned at the University of Dallas. He won a number of accolades from playing baseball in college. He also coached at the Dallas Baptist University, where he used to serve as a youth minister.

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Logan Stout’s childhood memories are full of enjoyment of different sports with his friends or teammates and coaching baseball. He harbors a deep passion to helping people, a factor that led him to start the Dallas Patriots. It is currently among the biggest baseball organizations worldwide. Mr. Stout looks forward to helping every young person who enjoys baseball to maximize their potential. His forward-thinking mindset led him to becoming a prosperous entrepreneur. Mr. Logan Stout aims at helping people achieve their best via physical health. He is a firm believer that a healthy body, mind and soul is a huge contributing factor to success. In 2014, he developed a company named ID Life that deals in a number of healthcare products.

About ID Life

ID Life is a health and wellness corporation that deals in a line of products aimed at personalized nutrition. ID Life is focused on the creation of only original products by finding the top class ingredients possible. The company is wholly dedicated to offering nothing but the best in terms of purity and quality in its products. This is an unmatched dedication in the industry. ID Life’s recommendation, path and product is fully based on research and studies backed by science.

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