A Closer Look At The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur born in 1958. He’s the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, a reputable mall that it known all over. The great mall offers exceptional products and services that attract customers from different sections of Brazil, and it listed as one of the largest malls in the state of Paraiba.

After going to the Pio X-Marist College, Roberto Santiago proceeded to University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he earned a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Roberto started his career at Café Santa Rosa and afterward invested in a cartonnage company, which he considers the base of his occupation. From there, he began investing widely despite his great love for sports that earned him various trophies in Kart Championships and Motocross. Read more on comunique-se.com.

It did not take long before Roberto established Manaira Shopping Mall. His primary objective was to offer its clients fun, relaxation, and comfort as a motivation for them to come back in the future. As a result, he focused on equipping the mall with luxurious products, state-of-the-art cinema, and broad array of modern technology equipment. The design of this mall resembles a stadium with 3D rooms that are fantastic for those who love adventure. Also, you can relinquish your hunger with a relaxing experience at the classy food court and gourmet area.

The reputable shopping mall harbors one of the largest halls, Domus Hall, which is capable of hosting as many as 4,000 people seated and an extra 1,000 people standing. From inside this gallery, one can view stars from above, and the setting gives events and festivals a stylish touch that few structures can offer. Additionally, the investment put into the design of this mall is incalculable. The architecture is incredible and the technology is trendy. The milieu is bright naturally with vibrant colors that make it inviting. Besides, the ambiance is outstanding with open resting space, balcony shrubbery, and artificial palm trees on the ground floor. This entire aura makes business at Manaira Mall thrive and perform excellently.

Roberto Santiago is an ingrained business administrator and shrewd investor who built his business from scratch. One of his first business ventures was a small company that specialized in packaging and delivering small ornamental products. Later, he ventured into residential and commercial real estate development, a business that grew slowly until he finally established the mall.

Due to his success in business, Roberto Santiago is acknowledged as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He encourages young people to put more effort into their businesses to reach the next level. His aspirations are to make his hometown, Joao Pessoa, and the entire region of Brazil a better place and he has been working to achieve it. Through hard work, passion, and commitment to his work, he aims to offer his clients the best products and services. Learn more at Wikipedia about Roberto Santiago.