Twenty Three Layers Knows How To Throw A Party

Twenty-Three Layers is New York City’s one-stop shop for glam. Since 2000, its been one of the most sought-after event planning companies in NYC. The full-service design and planning firm can make any event a one-of-a-kind experience. Twenty-Three layers employs some of the most imaginative and creative minds in the field. So, whether you’re looking for a plain corporate event or a dazzling and whimsical evening, Twenty-Three Layers can deliver.


Our well-connected staff of professionals have connections with most of the best vendors in the industry. We deliver the latest trend in foods, décor, party gifts and entertainment. No challenge is ever too big. Whether it’s a wedding, party, corporate event or charitable gala, Twenty-Three Layers can deliver.


Planning is everything. The philosophy of Twenty-Three Layers is to deliver in style. Creativity, problem solving, attention to detail and groundbreaking branding is the difference between having a so-so event, or one that you won’t soon forget.


Twenty-Three Layers offers a wide array of services including catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, production, branding and styling. Clients rave about the spectacular experience. The long client list include Microsoft, Prudential, Google, David Lynch Foundation, Soho House and Louis Vuitton America’s Cup.


The women behind Twenty-Three Layers–Jessica Boskoff, Sara Freedman and Lindsey Hayden–are considered the best design and event planners in NYC. With a combined 30-plus years of experience, the women have planned and catered some of the most prestigious events around. “If you want to be successful in this industry, you have to be a stickler for detail,” said Sarah Freedman. Heyden, who has worked with recognizable names like Skinny Girl and Retail Me Not echoes that sentiment.


Anyone interested in experiencing what Twenty-Three Layers has to offer should visit for more information. If you are looking for corporate event planners in NYC, the ladies are eager to help you with your upcoming event.

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CTRM Defining Future Transport

Mike Heiligenstein is the current executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). On January 10, 2015, during the Texas Department of Transportation forum, he was asked to give his views on the future of toll roads in America’s second largest state, Texas. Here is what he had to say.



He was asked why many Texas drivers are not using the state highway (SH) 130. Here is his response.



SH 130 is meant to be effective in the future. This is because there is no solution to the increased traffic on Interstate 35 in the next 20 years. It is also almost impossible to get extra lanes in places like the Colorado River in Austin. The solution to the high traffic on San Antonio to Austin is taking trucks and cars to SH 130.



He was then asked whether it was important to develop toll roads given the poor financial performance in the past. This is how he responded.



Toll roads are an answer to the many road challenges. He cites Austin, where the program has been successful. For instance, no taxes were used in the expansion of 183A.



He added that investors always evaluate projects thoroughly to establish their viability before investing. It is also cheaper to source for funds from investors than selling bonds. Austin and San Antonio are attractive to investors and are expected to continue experiencing growth in the future.



He was also asked whether toll roads could be effective in addressing the challenges brought about by truck congestion in the Eagle Ford Shale. Here is his response.



Eagle Shale should come up with to charge the trucks that drive on the county roads. County roads cannot withstand the weight and demand of these trucks. Also, there should be the creation of a zone that allows for tax increment to finance production. He concluded by saying that counties without enough finances should not worry as the Texas Department of Commerce is going to help them get assistance.



Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority



Mike Heiligenstein graduated with a government degree from the University of Texas. He has also done Masters of Government and business administration from the same university.



He has worked as a public official for about three decades. He joined CTRMA in 2003 when it was formed and has participated in its growth into a renowned company in toll road operations. Under his leadership, 183A has been developed. The project uses technology to increase efficiency.



He is a well-known advocate of the development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The Mobility Authority is now expanding the 183A toll road at a cost of $1 billion.


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The Greatest Mecha Anime of All Time


Is there any genre of anime that has garnered more fandom and more scorn than that of the ‘mecha’ genre? Mecha anime tends to revolve around hyper attractive young men and women who pilot gigantic robotic death machines. How can anyone NOT love that idea? Well, there are tons of mecha anime out in the world but today we are going to talk about our favorite: ‘Gundam Wing’. Why is this our favorite mecha anime? How is it the greatest mecha anime of all time? Well, we’re glad that you asked.


The mecha anime is crowded and convoluted and that is due in large part to the work of the Gundam Universe. Gundam pretty much popularized and revitalized the mecha genre and you can easily see why: there are numerous Gundam series spanning over the past several decades. ‘Gundam Wing’ is our favorite entry into the series for a variety of reasons.


For starters, ‘Gundam Wing’ is a hyper-mature look at the politics of civil war as told by a variety of different factions. In the middle of all these factions are the Gundam pilots: kids who have been trained since birth to fight and die for a cause that they don’t fully understand.


The art style for ‘Gundam Wing‘ is relatively dated, the series DID come out in the ’90s, but it still holds true today. Most of all, ‘Gundam Wing’ has engaging and impressive writing throughout. The show doesn’t treat the watcher like a child which allows for natural character arcs, complex stories, and deeper topics. It’s also an interesting take on a school anime that you won’t expect, despite it’s humble beginnings.

Copa Star: Revolutionizing the Medical Industry

Technology has taken the world by storm and changed life as we know it. However, the perfect use of technology has been seen in the new luxurious hospital in Rio de Janeiro- Copa Star. The unification of artwork, technology, and architecture has come alive in this hospital. The architectural design of the hospital resembles a five-star hotel.

At the reception, you will be welcomed by the beautiful artwork of the Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. They have included other distractions like a grand piano and art books.

An investment of $R400 million has gone towards designing the hospital. The primary goal of the hospital is to be the best in cardiology and neurology and also surpass the leading hospitals in Rio de Janeiro like Albert Einstein Hospital. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Rede D’Or hopes to open other similar hospitals across the State of Brazil.

The architecture

Did you know it took three years for the hospital to be completed? That is the reason why it beams with elegance and class. The Rede D’Or network owns the hospital, and they have applied the same architectural design seen in all their hospitals. The hospital seats on a 21,000 Square Meters and has different rooms including I.C.U, Operating rooms, and patients suites.

Copa Star has a glass ceiling that displays natural light in the hospital’s hallway. It also helps to provide warmth in the hospital.

They have a modern restaurant attached to the hospital. The hospital offers different cuisines that you will enjoy.


The hospital is making use of the robotic medicine in the operating rooms. It is a new concept in the medical world. The neurosurgery rooms have been equipped with magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

The patients’ suites have been fitted with iPads with an app designed specifically for the hospital use. With these iPads, the patients can control the essential functions of the hospital like opening and closing of the curtains and adjust the lighting in the rooms. They can also use the devices to communicate with the doctors. The doctors, on the other hand, use the iPads to display the patient’s radiology results.

The hospital’s Intensive Care Units have a state-of-the-art design. While at the hospital, the patients will not get lonely as there are large screens fitted in the rooms. These screens display real-time images transmitted from the Cameras installed outside. The agenda of the hospital is to reduce the boredom and loneliness that the patients experience.


It is their quality service that makes all the difference. The hospital has a team of qualified nurses and doctors who are dedicated to offering you with the best patient care. The nurses undergo a two-month training that equips them with all the skills of handling different patients.

Betsy DeVos

With education and the future of the children of our nation at the forefront of minds, one name has become synonymous with educational reform. Betsy DeVos has been a paragon of progressive change since her years at Calvin College. It was there that she developed her political nature and moved toward education reform as a major goal in her life. In the 1990s she successfully helped to pass the bill creating the first charter schools in Michigan, and pushed hard for a Michigan state constitutional reform providing for tax credit scholarships or vouchers. Sadly the second of these initiatives were unsuccessful.

In addition to serving as chairwoman of The Windquest Group a major player in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy, she also serves as chairwoman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. She also has served on the boards of several charities including Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. It is through these charities she fights so zealously for the children that will inherit this nation some day.


One of the biggest reforms Mrs. DeVos has pushed for is the creation of school choice programs. It is through these programs that students are able to have the option to attend a school where they can get the specialized attention they so deserve. Mrs. DeVos has been quoted as having never been more optimistic about these programs and the benefits they can bring our children.

There are presently more than 250 thousand students enrolled in 33 publicly funded private school choice programs in 17 states. This is a drastic change from where things started with the idea considered quite radical; however, Mrs. DeVos has always had quite a clear vision for where these programs would lead.

Betsy DeVos has always had a grand vision where students would be able to learn from quality educators in a safe supportive environment. The programs she has helped to bring about stand in stark contrast to many inner city schools where violence and gang activity usurp power from the teachers and diminish the ability of many students to elevate themselves from their present situation.

Thankfully now as the present Secretary of Education for the United States she has the power and resources at her disposal to effect real change. The hard work has finally paid off and maybe with Mrs. DeVos at the head of the table the future might be a little brighter for our next generation. Read more news on

A Closer Look At The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur born in 1958. He’s the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, a reputable mall that it known all over. The great mall offers exceptional products and services that attract customers from different sections of Brazil, and it listed as one of the largest malls in the state of Paraiba.

After going to the Pio X-Marist College, Roberto Santiago proceeded to University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he earned a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Roberto started his career at Café Santa Rosa and afterward invested in a cartonnage company, which he considers the base of his occupation. From there, he began investing widely despite his great love for sports that earned him various trophies in Kart Championships and Motocross. Read more on

It did not take long before Roberto established Manaira Shopping Mall. His primary objective was to offer its clients fun, relaxation, and comfort as a motivation for them to come back in the future. As a result, he focused on equipping the mall with luxurious products, state-of-the-art cinema, and broad array of modern technology equipment. The design of this mall resembles a stadium with 3D rooms that are fantastic for those who love adventure. Also, you can relinquish your hunger with a relaxing experience at the classy food court and gourmet area.

The reputable shopping mall harbors one of the largest halls, Domus Hall, which is capable of hosting as many as 4,000 people seated and an extra 1,000 people standing. From inside this gallery, one can view stars from above, and the setting gives events and festivals a stylish touch that few structures can offer. Additionally, the investment put into the design of this mall is incalculable. The architecture is incredible and the technology is trendy. The milieu is bright naturally with vibrant colors that make it inviting. Besides, the ambiance is outstanding with open resting space, balcony shrubbery, and artificial palm trees on the ground floor. This entire aura makes business at Manaira Mall thrive and perform excellently.

Roberto Santiago is an ingrained business administrator and shrewd investor who built his business from scratch. One of his first business ventures was a small company that specialized in packaging and delivering small ornamental products. Later, he ventured into residential and commercial real estate development, a business that grew slowly until he finally established the mall.

Due to his success in business, Roberto Santiago is acknowledged as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He encourages young people to put more effort into their businesses to reach the next level. His aspirations are to make his hometown, Joao Pessoa, and the entire region of Brazil a better place and he has been working to achieve it. Through hard work, passion, and commitment to his work, he aims to offer his clients the best products and services. Learn more at Wikipedia about Roberto Santiago.

A Look At How Rick Shinto’s Leadership Propels InnovaCare’s Success

Providing quality healthcare and putting the patient first is the mission that InnovaCare Health, Inc., was built upon. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA continues this tradition at the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He has been a leader in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years as both a practicing physician and in management. He leads InnovaCare’s dedication to providing physician practice services, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage plans to the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Rick Shinto attended the University of California and earned his B.S. there. He earned his medical degree at the University of New York and attended the University of Redlands in order to earn his MBA. He began his professional career in Southern California practicing as a Pulmonologist and Internist. His first management role was at MedPartners as a Corporate Vice President. He then joined Cal Optima Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer.

Rick Shinto has also been the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management, another healthcare provider. He was the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM in California and just prior to taking on his role at InnovaCare Health he was the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto has also authored a number of books and articles about clinical medicine and the field of healthcare.

The leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto has led to his earning an Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young. His leadership has also been expressed by the clients that InnovaCare Health provides plans to as they consistently rank at a 90% customer satisfaction ranking. He believes in running a transparent company that communicates well between not only management and staff but also clear communication with their clients.

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As the world of healthcare gets ever more complicated due to increasing government rules and regulations as well as the competitive landscape, healthcare companies like InnovaCare Health need high-quality leaders like Dr. Rick Shinto who can clearly communicate their strategic vision and dedication to building a positive team culture. the company has had a great deal of success since his arrival in 2012, meeting new revenue and profit records. He also assures that the patients always come first and that his company does its part in building strong patient-doctor relationships that promote healthy living. Learn more about Rick on

Jason Hope Predicts The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has recently published on the Internet of Things. According to him, this is the next phase of technological advancement the world is expecting. The Internet of Things is the interconnection of technology that allows devices to communicate. As expected, the first step involves connection of daily appliances in the kitchen, street lights, cars, and electronics. The interconnection of these devices will cut down wastes and increase efficiencies. Jason Hope says that Internet of Things stands to change business operations to a great extent.

According to Jason Hope, The Internet of Things is influential and the world’s largest corporations will invest in its development. Consequently, as other companies seek to keep pace, it will rise to a world where almost any conceivable device will get interconnected. Today, smart technology is a convenient option for the world.

Additionally, this platform provides a foundation for the development of The Internet of Things. Performing activities like coffee making and turning lights on and off will get done from the use of an app. Consequently, the race to the top for companies will constitute the development of applications where consumers get to interact with the gadgets. Additionally, Internet of Things will make the world a safer place.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale-based entrepreneur with a keen interest in the technology world. He is a native of Arizona and grew up in Tempe. Hope holds a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. Adding to his career, he has interests in Arizona based politics.

Besides his business and technological inclination, Jason hope is a philanthropist. Through SENS Foundation, he donates to the research of anti-aging therapy. Research that seeks to improve the quality of life.


The Madison Street Capital Reputation

The Madison Street Capital Reputation is one that they are upholding every day as they help their clients value themselves or other companies. There are quite a few people who are searching for valuation information, and they will find it when they work with Madison Street. The company has been given a number of different awards for the M&A work they do, and this article explains how the company does the work it does. There are many businesses in need of this service, and they will find it simple to learn what the true value of any business is.


#1: Researching Themselves


Companies must research themselves, and they will find it interesting to learn what Madison Street believes their value is. It is interesting to read the report, and a company must use the report to ensure that they value a stake in their company properly. Every company that wishes to sell a stake in itself must know how much each stake is worth, and they will learn quickly that they have value that may be sold to a number of people.


#2: Valuing Others


Companies must value each other when they are looking at the competition or planning to invest. Every part of the process involves the reports from Madison Street, and businesses will look over these pieces of information as they learn what must be done to ensure they are spending money properly. Someone who wishes to know the value of a stake in a firm may read a report from Madison Street, and the report will be far simpler to read.


#3: Completing Reports With Current Information


The company will use the most-recent information from the industry, and they will offer a number of new reports when needed. Clients often have questions after the fact when they are working on a sale or purchase, and they will ask the Madison Street team to show them what they need to know. Madison Street may go back in to find new information, and they will write a new report based on what they have found.


There are many companies that will trust in Madison Street Capital every year, and they will have valuation reports that clearly explain the value of themselves or another company. Every report offers all the information needed to calculate the value of a company, and it helps someone make a proper investment for the proper amount of money.