Digital PR Pro Believes in Thinking Less and Doing More

Darius Fisher, the CEO of online reputation firm Status Labs, has enjoyed an interesting and successful career. Starting in college, he first became his own boss selling used furniture, which he bought at discount prices from distressed sellers. Later, he gravitated towards the online reputation management industry, recognizing an untapped niche with huge growth potential. Through it all, he said that his own tendency towards making things happen rather than sitting around and thinking about them has been one of the keys to his success.



Fisher encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid paralysis by analysis


Fisher believes that one of the main reasons that people fail to become successful entrepreneurs is that they never get out of the starting blocks. Far from shunning analysis, Fisher believes that a respect for the data and careful forethought are key components of any successful business strategy. However, he also warns that aspiring entrepreneurs can become bogged down in the what-if’s and the potential negatives. Another form of paralysis by analysis that he warns of is the type where people have too many ideas, and are, thus, unable to focus on any one long enough to see a project through to completion. Fisher believes that success in business is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. While careful calculation has an indispensable place, it can’t be allowed to strangle a project in the crib.


But Darius Fisher, like most people who discover that they are naturally suited to being their own boss, is addicted to the dynamic and, at times, highly unpredictable challenges that running a business presents daily. He revels in solving the challenges with which he’s faced, including people who refuse to pay, recruiting world-class team members and even dealing with rogue executives. Through defending against a constant barrage of crises such as these, Fisher has developed thick skin and an implacable drive to keep moving forward, crushing obstacles and vanquishing foes like an Abrams tank.


Daily Beast mentions, as CEO of a mid-sized company now employing over 40 people, Fisher also cites his ability to delegate tasks and match people’s innate talents with appropriate jobs as one of the key factors in his ongoing success.

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Finding Peace and Practicing Gratitude With Darius Fisher


A Great Program For Staying In Touch With One Another: Securus Technologies

If you’re not quite sure about how you can visit an inmate while they’re incarcerated due to conflict in times with scheduling visitation sessions at the correctional facility the inmate is kept in, then please don’t hesitate to visit Securus Technologies to see if the correctional facility offers the utilization of this program. It’s a great program that’s enabled both sides of the communications, the inmates, and their visitors, to have opportunities of keeping in touch with one another via means of video chatting in which the visitors don’t ever have to leave their homes to see and talk with the inmate.


Not only has it been a beneficial program for inmates and their visitors to utilize for the purposes of keeping in touch with one another, police officers/law enforcement agencies are able to utilize it to monitor any situations that they think require their attention as certain types of crimes can be uncovered with its utilization. It is highly recommended for individuals who utilize this program to know exactly how it works as certain pressing of buttons could end the video conferencing, which would thus end the visitation session. The features that are included in it can be explained by asking one of the customer service representatives as they are skilled and trained to guide you on how to use the program.


Securus Technologies uses some of today’s great forms of technological advancements to allow people to communicate through it. It is certainly a way for people to not lose touch during times that may seem difficult to stay updated on what is occurring in one another’s lives. Be sure to ask about whether the jail the inmate is in allows the program’s utilization as some institutions have yet to implement it into their systems. of communications and networking.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta and His Contribution towards Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

Among the many treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the medical industry, most of them are short-term solution to the disorder. Recently, there has been a new clinical trial which has shown results that can provide long-term treatment for MS. In this trial, participants with multiple sclerosis were provided with five years of treatment using high-dose immunosuppressive therapy along with hematopoietic cell transplant. The results of the trial showed that 69 percent of people survived the test and did not experience relapse or any other brain lesion. The participants did not take any other medication during the trial. The participants for the trial had volunteered with MS in the age ranging from 26 to 52 years and were experiencing worsening of their condition.


The trial known as HALT-MS was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and was carried out by Immune Tolerance Network funded by NIAID. While the results of the three years study in 2014 showed promising future for such treatment, the new findings prove that the new one-time treatment is more effective for people suffering from MS. The next step is to compare the treatment with other MS treatments to show its effectiveness on a much larger scale.


One of the most famous neurologists working in this field is Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta. He is currently associated with the Kennedy University Hospital. Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta earned his degree from the Government Medical College in India in medicine and psychiatry in 1979 where he passed the top of the class. He then went on to complete his residency at Boston City Hospital.


Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta also practices at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates where he is part of the team that treats patients with advanced brain disorders. Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta even treats those who are unable to pay for their treatment which shows the passion and commitment he has for his profession.

Talk Fusion

Many organizations these days like to say that they have a serious dedication to helping people but Talk Fusion is one that really does it. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is also the corporation’s CEO.

He and his company are dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and build better futures. Talk Fusion’s foundation is built upon actually giving back to numerous communities worldwide and in a big way.

The world according to Bob Reina includes his theory that greater responsibility comes with great success. He’s proud that this theory is also behind every single thing that Talk Fusion does, like the fact that they strive to be doing much more every day in their quest to help as many people as possible.

And, he guides Talk Fusion in that direction, always ensuring that his people are motivated by their desire to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible in the world of today.

Bob’s many amazing giving back to the community accomplishments include a one million dollar donation that was made for the benefit of the Tampa Bay Humane Society. And, he also does everything he can to help animals individually, like an injured basset hound named Rebel whom he recently helped.

You see, Rebel was in dire need of expensive surgery to save his life. Following his orthopedic surgery to repair his badly injured legs, he’s now healthy, happy, and weighs 60 pounds thanks to Bob Reina’s generosity. Oh, and they renamed the happy pup Bobby after the man who saved his life.

Bob Reina also generously supports an orphanage in Indonesia and is changing countless other people’s lives via his company and its independent associates who are reaching out and helping those in need in 140+ countries.

Basically, Bob Reina is an avid believer that absolutely no contribution can ever be too small or too great when it involves making a difference in any life whatsoever. And, those are words that he lives by and encourages everyone in his organization to do as well.

How Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Redefined The Water Bottle Industry

At age 22, Ryan Emmons launched a new bottled water product that was so innovative and socially responsible that his company managed to grow 5,000 percent in its first three years. In an age when the bottled water industry has been heavily criticized, Emmons challenged the industry norms by creating a product that is ethically and environmentally friendly as well as perfectly sustainable.

Growing up, Emmons frequently visited Hawaii with his family. Forbes said that during these trips, he would often stop by the Mauna Loa volcano to get a taste of the special water that trickled down the volcanic rock and into the Waiakea Springs.

The water in these springs is unique in many ways. For one thing, the water boasts a high pH level, making it highly alkaline. The consumption of alkaline water balances acidity levels in the body, aiding the digestive system.

The water also contains high levels of silica, a mineral that has been found to help the digestive system, the immune system and the respiratory system. In addition to this unique mineral, the water also contains essential electrolytes like sodium, magnesium and calcium that keep the body in optimal health.

The water is perfectly sustainable as well which is unusual for a natural source. The Mauna Loa region receives heavy rainfall each year. According to Specialty Food, Waiakea water is replenished every thirty days.

When Emmons decided to bottle the water and start up his company, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, he knew that he wanted his company to change the public’s perception of the bottled water product. Environmentalists had been heavily critical of the industry because of the large buildup of plastic developing in landfills.

That’s why Emmons created an environmentally friendly method of manufacturing. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water bottles are made from recycled materials that are BPA-free. The manufacturing process takes 85 percent less energy than that of its competitors.

In addition to the eco-friendly manufacturing methods, the company has an ethical edge as well. Emmons teamed up with Pump Aid, the charity known for providing clean drinking water to different impoverished areas across the globe.

For every liter of Waiakea Water purchased, Pump Aid delivers 650 liters of clean drinking water to an underprivileged area. As the result of their partnership, 500 million liters of water have been donated across the world.

The company has taken over the bottled water industry with an annual growth rate of 170 percent. Emmons is currently launching a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii.

US Money Reserve Launches New Information and Marketing Site

Do you know what a coin’s “population” is? It turns out, that a coin’s population is the number of coins of that type that were minted. This is one example of the kind of information you can learn through the new US Money Reserve site.


Featuring remarkable photography, clear and interesting knowledge articles and a broad array of coins for sale, the new site is a pleasure to visit. If you are interested in investing in gold or silver coins, want to complete some research on coins you already own or are just interested in the hobby/investment, this site is the place to visit.


Proudly displayed front and center is the current president of US Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl. Mr. Diehl is a former U.S. Mint director, a man of impressive credentials and coin knowledge, ideally situated in this new role.


Interested in following the prices of precious metals? Visit the site. Want to learn more about investing in gold coins? Sign-up for a free gold information kit, a great way to get you started on the gold coin and bullion game. Want to know the best place to visit to get the most recent updates on the precious metals market? Visit the Full Headline Gold News Room for all the latest articles.


The new site features a Client-Connect Advantage system enabling easy contact with representatives at US Money Reserve for private consultations, special off-line offers, customer service in purchasing decisions and excellent advice.


This guarantee offers a full refund on certified coins.


Beyond the buyback guarantee, US Money Reserve employs one of the fastest, ensured shipping methods available, so you don’t have to sit by the door for too long for your coins to be delivered.


Visit the site to learn about special programs offered by US Money Reserve such as the Gold Standard IRA.


US Money Reserve has a triple A rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.

Read more on Crunchbase about US Money Reserve.


The new site really displays the beautiful coins they offer to advantage. Maybe you’ll be attracted the the Pearl Harbor coin with the USS Arizona proudly depicted, or the Austrian Philharmonic coin, decorated with orchestral instruments. The site combines a wealth of choices with a wealth of information; exactly what the modern coin investor needs.

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USHEALTH Group: Providing Better Insurance Coverage

From the insurance plans to the management team, the USHEALTH group is a company that you can count on. They focus on providing innovative services to all people regardless of their financial status. That is what has made the company stand out from their competitors.


The services that USHEALTH group provide have led to their international recognition so much so that they won the One Planet Awards in 2016. They won under the Company of the Year in the Accounting, Financial and insurance. The CEO and the president of the company Troy McQuagge also won the award for the CEO of the year. The One Planet Award is a prestigious premier award that seeks to reward businesses and companies in the different sectors.


The award shows the company’s commitment to offering affordable insurance plans to all the people. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable plan, then you need to make contact with the company.


The company has a great team of advisors who are well trained to represent the company. They provide guidance to the team and also provide excellent customer care.


There are different products

The company provides different plans that are customized to fit every client’s needs. The different plans that you can choose from include;

« PremierChoice; this plan does not have deductibles. That means that you can receive the benefits without paying for the deductibles. You can choose any doctor and hospital, but you should consider choosing an in-house provider.

« The secure advantage; with this plan you will be able to lock your rates for 36 months. They have flexible deductibles that you can choose based on your accident and sickness coverage. You will also get 24-hour coverage.

« Secure Dental; for you if you want a healthy smile. There are three different plans that you can choose; Premium plan, save plus plan and save the plan.

« Premier Vision; designed for people with different eye problems.

« Income protector; this is your cushion when you suffer from a covered sickness or accident. The plan is a short-term accident liability insurance that with monthly benefits to help your cater for your monthly expenses

« Life protector; with this plan, you will be in a position to protect your family. The insurance can be renewed every ten years. Keep in mind that the coverage of the will end on your 70th birthday.

« Accident Protector; this is provided as a supplemental excess accidental insurance. It will provide extra coverage for any Mishaps after your accident. You can use it to provide a financial advantage.

« Medguard; this is a five year renewable insurance cover. You will also get quality coverage when you become ill.

Luciana Lossio Takes Over Brazilian Ministry

The exceedingly honored legal representative Luciana Lóssio is being affirmed to the Superior Electoral Legal system. Her new title will be the Minister. The occasion is especially well timed, with a series of vacancies becoming available in the court, namely one that opened when Arnaldo Versiani, the court’s prior Minister, resigned his posting. These new openings in the court, three positions to be precise, are to be held entirely by attorneys. No other applicants may be considered for the positions. Luciana Lóssio is celebrated for having a wide-ranging experience of established and renowned accomplishments throughout her legal career. She has time and again proven herself to be devoted to the legal vocation, and to perform her duties to the best of her ability for her clientele. Luciana Lóssio has been chosen as Minister because she has established herself as being highly proficient from her years of dedicated service as the interim minister for the court system.


Luciana’s wide ranging career involves serving as a crucial component of the Electoral Law, while at the Brazilian Institute. Luciana is recognized as an eloquent presenter, which is an indispensable ability for the appointment that she will shortly take over. Her philosophy is that the utmost reverence for individuals, with focus on their legal and constitutional rights, must be protected.


Luciana Lóssio acquired her law degree in 1999 from the highly regarded University Center, located in Brazil. She attained the OAB endorsement for the Bar in Brazil, also in 1999. Because of her longing to add to her knowledge, Luciana accomplished a sequence of postgraduate studies. One such study was in Municipal Bureaucratic Law, another was in the laws of State & Constitution, and last but not least, a foundation in the laws of Departmental & Civic Prosecution.


For a period of almost a decade, Luciana was engaged at the Attorney General’s Office, where she collaborated with both Geraldo Brindeiro and Cláudio Fonteles. These two are esteemed and prior attorney generals. This allowed Luciana the advantage of acting as a consultant for cases which required her to work meticulously, creatively and in compatibility with the law to establish the best decision for her clientele.


Her peers consider Luciana to be an original thinker, who has a history of innovation and experience, which appears to be beyond her years, because Luciana has a wonderful talent for handling situations with a composed demeanor.

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Doe Deere Has Some Pretty Awesome Ideas on Leadership

Beauty artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere, believes in the power of positivity, whether it comes to designing her own unique brand of indie cosmetics or inspiring those who help her coordinate her beauty empire.


Born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova, she came to New York as a teen and reinvented herself as Doe Deere a musician, fashion expert and beauty advisor. In 2008, Ms.Deere launched her indie cosmetic company, Lime Crime, that features bold lip and eye colors in ethereal shades ranging from metallic blue shimmers to smoky red velvets.


Social media was instrumental in helping Doe Deere grow her brand, and her sites on Tumblr and Instagram feature photos of her fans, called Unicorns, who refuse to play it safe with traditional makeup colors. Whether heading out to the office or a night on the town, women wearing Lime Crime cosmetics are making an artistic statement wherever they go and have the selfies to prove it. The fact that her cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly has helped her grow an environmentally conscious fan base.


Starting her company on a shoestring budget and a big dream, Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime have received attention in the business world as well as in the beauty arena.


Quoted in a recent interview for Ideamench,, Ms. Deere says that she uses positive reinforcement, rather than an “iron fist” to get the best out of her employees. From her vendors to employees, to customers, Ms. Deere says that respecting everyone around you is critical for a positive business environment. Like other web-based companies, she has faced challenges growing and maintaining her Lime Crime brand. Rather than taking a defeatist attitude when things have gone wrong, Doe Deere says that maintaining trust and communication with your workers and customers is key. Her belief in transparency and garnering consumer feedback has helped make her a role model for budding entrepreneurs, who will no doubt also face fierce competition in the online marketplace. Ms. Deere claims that having support from loved ones is a big help in realizing your dreams. She says that having her husband, Mark, on her side as company President is also a powerful advantage. Originally inspired by a family friend who gifted her with a tube of green mascara, Doe Deere’s experimenting with makeup has made her an indie cosmetic empire.