Bridget Scarr: Top Executive Producer in the Colibri Studios

Bridget Scar is known for her writing skills and creativity as a producer who has a high ambition for developing content which extends far and wide. From virtual reality, television, to digital content and interactive exhibition, her works are widely accepted both emotionally and intellectually. Bridget is also known for her seasonal producer works and has had at least 15 years of experience in animation, advertising, and in television as well. Through her career, she has the responsibility to oversee content that is creative and technical across the different production platforms.


Bridget is currently the head of content development in the Colibri studios. She participates in the daily development and interacts with international broadcasters, project partners, and talent that is creative. The idea of the Colibri studios came as a result of a transition that Bridget was going through. Her previous career was production in television where she was involved in bringing people’s ideas to life. Later, she decided to move to the creation of creative content, and that’s where the start of Colibri studios was foreseen. The typical day of Bridget begins with meditation. It helps her to get more energy to face the day and also remain focused. She then spends some time having light breakfast with her family and a drive to the office. Every day, Bridget has some objectives that she targets to accomplish.


Talking about how Bridget bring her ideas into life, the inspiration she gets from a project gives her the driving force. Currently, she is working on augmented reality that sets a platform for users to connect with the history through stories of people who were there by that time. This project brings out facts and scripted elements in the form of an app that embraces the use of landmarks and monuments as a way of coming up with factual information. Bridget is interested in trends where virtual reality is pushing to utilize technology most positively.


She believes that when there are interaction and immersion, limitless possibilities are created. In everyday activities, Bridget Scarr is focused on nurturing a creative spirit. It is achieved when she takes her time out to laugh and play with her son. Through this, she can develop better ideas and have a meaningful connection with the world. Elimination of fear is the first strategy towards achieving all your wildest dreams on earth. It helps you trust your journey and God-given gifts. Other than believing in all sort of innovation, Bridget also believes in magic. It is something that many people find it so hard to believe. Although Bridget did not have a smooth start, she was able to bounce back and become the successful producer she is today.


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JHSF Comes Highly Recommended in Brazilian Real Estate Market

JHSF is a high successful real estate development firm and has been in the industry for a long time. Going into real estate without proper planning or guidance is not advisable. Instead, it is a good idea to consult a successful firm like JHSF and its team of experienced real estate professionals.

There are several ways to purchase your first real estate property. If you are buying a property for investment, you will need to have a good understanding of the industry.

The use of leverage is very attractive and it’s what many real estate investors find attractive. This is because it allows an investor to acquire properties, for commercial or residential use, even if they don’t have the cash to pay for it upfront. However, using leverage in this business requires knowledge of what works and what to avoid.

José Auriemo Neto can advise you on ways to handle such transactions successfully. Not all real estate transactions go smoothly but with expert assistance, you will be able to spot profitable deals and avoid mistakes.

José Auriemo Neto has been working with JHSF for many years and is the CEO of this renowned real estate firm. JHSF specializes in developing and managing upscale real estate properties and is well known in the Brazilian real estate community. The company has a team of highly trained and knowledgeable partners and associates and comes highly recommended in the industry.

As developers are JHSF and its professionals are able to assess a wide variety of sites for real estate investment. They evaluate future sites and determine whether or not there is potential in them. They can also look at a decaying building and come up with a plan for remodeling and successfully selling it. These requires great expertise in the field.

If you want to learn from one of the top professionals in the field, then check out José Auriemo Neto right away. José Auriemo Neto takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and expectations and then devises the right strategy to meet their needs effectively.

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A Guide on Goettl Air Conditioning Today

Goettl Air Conditioning is a firm to be watched by all. Gradually progressing over the years, Goettl has spread its wings in different towns and states in America making it grow both in popularity and rates of income made by the company. Currently Goettl has physical ground office locations at Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas and many more. In their latest news posted, they announced taking ownership of anew firm; a family-owned HVAC firm Walton’s Heating and air. The financial details between the two firms were however not exposed to the public. Initially, Walton’s Heating and Air was owned by Longbrake. Longbrake admits that he had taken family-owned business the furthest he could make it and felt that it was time to watch it grow and thrive under the management of someone else.

Initially when Goettl Air Conditioning had come calling, Walton’s Longbrake was hesitant to join the crew on board. However, after hearing the reputation of Goettl and Kaen Goodrich in managing the family-owned business, Longbrake would finally agree to it up and give it a shot. Longbrake confesses currently that since their partnering with Ken Goodrich in 2015, the company has multiplied up to ten times the number. Goettl would later hire the services of the former Walton’s man to serve in the capacity of sales manager and field supervisor. However, the deal was finalized in 2015, Goettl would announce it just a couple of weeks ago after giving it their badge. Currently, they boast a huge staff that is made of experienced, talented and skillful employees who are all dedicated to the success of the Goettl firm. Goettl now has 306 employees. Visit indeed for more info.

The job are also to be boosted by up to 200 jobs, especially in their major markets such as Phoenix. Ken Goodrich believes that the ultimate goal for Goettl Air Conditioning firm is to make them a national brand. This would begin from North California next year to Texas in the years to come. Since Ken Goodrich bought Goettl, Its revenue figures have shot up drastically from $11 million to $20 million. The procedure of hiring employees is free and fair and all based on the experience or knowledge you have in the field. This is key to ensuring the company does not fall at one point due to employees’ incompetence. What was key to the transformation if Goettl back to one of the premium business firms today is the fact that Ken Goodrich was able to reach out at each and every of the employee to hear out suggestions. Check out his Vimeo account to know more.

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USHealth Advisors Lets You Earn the Best Salaries

USHealth Advisors is a great place to go if you want to start out in the health insurance industry. They offer the best salaries. Many people are earning six figure incomes. According to Indeed, account managers and outside sales representatives that work at USHealth Advisors make one hundred thousand dollars a year. Many others earn close to that amount.

For example, a sales representative earns ninety five thousand dollars a year, while an insurance agent earns over ninety seven thousand dollars a year. A sales executive earns over ninety eight thousand dollars a year.

The truth is that these are just numbers, because you can earn a lot more than that. USHealth Advisors lets you choose your own salaries. You can plan what you earn for the year. This is because their salaries are also on a commission basis, so you will earn more if you get more customers. Read more: USHealth Advisors Memphis Team

Another thing that you need to understand is that USHealth Advisors is a BBB Accredited Business. This means that they have to live up to the standards set forth by the BBB.

They have an A+ rating with the BBB, which not only means that they are living up to those standards, but that they are doing the very best of what a company can be expected to do.

This BBB rating is based on many things, including the fact that USHealth Advisors has been providing services for fifty seven years! In addition, USHealth Advisors has a 4.59 rating based on user reviews.

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Roberto Santiago the Game Changer

Roberto Santiago is among the people who have risen to the top of the Brazilian financial ladder within a short span. Roberto did not have godfathers to help him make his way up, but his determination, discipline, and focus earned him his present position. Albeit he is mainly known for the successful investment in the mall industry, Roberto had no idea that one day he would engage in business. He had no knowledge or interest in the field until his success in the blog industry prompted him to invest his money. Roberto enrolled in the Pio Marxist College and later the University Center in Joao Pessoa and studied Business Administration, majoring in economics. He needed to wisely invest his resources instead of trying his luck without knowledge.

Business Ventures

While Roberto was still in college, he invested in the Café Santa Rosa, which did fairly well in the Brazilian hotel industry. The cafe drew customers from a wide range of backgrounds since it catered for all diverse tastes and preferences. The excellence in the venture also attracted many people to the services. After successfully saving from this venture, Roberto started yet another company that dealt with cartonnage production. The company did extremely well and turned Roberto’s life around. In a recent interview, he says that the corporation had many customers who bought in large-scale, making the sales and profit levels very high. Since he was disciplined, he desisted from investing in his private life but kept the money till it was enough to buy the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands. Immediately after buying the land, he raised more capital to build the Manaira Shopping Mall, and within two years, it was launched.

Manaira Shopping Mall

Manaira Shopping Mall is described as the most modern mall in Brazil with its irresistible entertainment facilities. Roberto envisioned a building that would supply all the customers’ needs under one roof. At the same time, he wanted the building to have a fun and luxury feel that would make the customers enjoy their stay to the fullest. The above was achieved since the Manaira Shopping Mall supplies a wide variety of products under one roof. Key among the outlets in the venture are casinos, gaming zones, banks, colleges, theatres, food boutiques, spas, beauty points, warm and cold water swimming pools, pizza points among other facilities.

Roberto’s Core Values

  1. Hard Work

Roberto says that hard work and determination are the secret to his success. He wakes up early daily, holds his devotion, and then starts working on his ventures. However, he adds that working smart is more important than working hard and urges CEOs to focus on working smart not working hard.

  1. Discipline

The second core value is discipline, which helps him save to invest in another venture instead of spending the money.


Michael Lacey Started New Math Opportunities

As a mathematician, Michael Lacey has learned what he can do to improve the field of math study. He likes to ensure that he can do different things and he likes to show people what they are able to get out of the opportunities he provides to them.

This is an essential part of his study. He knows what he needs to do, and he continues to do it the right way so that people can learn from the experiences that he has created. This is a huge part of being a mathematician. Michael Lacey has dedicated his life to mathematics so he can continue to help other people with it.

The biggest thing that Michael Lacey has done in his career was creating an algorithm. He does many different algorithms and knows a lot about them but he also knows that there were some things that people just didn’t know a lot about.

He chose to create his own so that he could do things differently while helping other people out with the math experiences they had been dealing with in different situations. All of this is how he was able to make the right choices for his study.

Now that he is teaching classes, Michael Lacey hopes that he can show other people about math. He knows that not everyone is going to be a math prodigy but he also knows that a lot of students have untapped potential.

He tries his best to bring that out in the students he teaches. By doing this, he is able to provide them with all of the tools they need to succeed and to continue offering them the chance to experience more out of the opportunities they have.

Since a young age, Michael Lacey has always enjoyed doing math and still does. He wants people to know that math can be enjoyable, and they only need to take some time to learn different things about it. When he is able to encourage his students to get interested in math, Michael Lacey knows that he is doing things the right way.

He wants to help all of his students with all of the issues they have so they will be able to appreciate all of the positive things that can come from doing different math problems. He plans on making sure they know how to create their own algorithms, as well.

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George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is a billionaire and philanthropist who has amassed a great amount of his wealth through the risky currency trades. For over five decades of professional experience, knows how to make and spend money to impact the world in a manner that is not anticipated in the industry. George Soros is also known for managing the Soros Quantum Fund to deliver the best solutions in the financial industry. Working with George Soros proves to be the best solution you could get in your financial capacities. George Soros has funded numerous Democratic candidates through their political ambitions to get elected during the general elections. George Soros also supported Hillary Clinton in her causes.

George Soros is also considered as the leading funder of the Democratic politicians in the United States. This is largely because he believes that the Democrats believe in a fair world where the truth is not held in monopoly by the people. He also believes in a world with fair and equal opportunities for all. This is why they struggle to develop capacitated business solutions to make more money in this world of business. George Soros is a billionaire investor who gathered with other rich liberals to scale up in offering financial solutions to the rich liberals who campaigned over the industry. In 2004, George Soros gave more than $27 million to support President Obama to defeat President George Bush in the general election. George Soros is emerging as a leading funder for the presidential elections over two decades.

George Soros has committed and donated more than $25 million to support Hillary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates to extend their hand of giving to help them win the upcoming general elections. According to the Federal Electoral Commission Records, the money is expected to scale up more than the stated because he continues to explicit more funds for the election in the upcoming months. For the people who are around George Soros, they believe that he is more committed to elections this year more than any other time. George Soros has amassed more than $25 billion in the risky commercial trades. He is expected to give more during the upcoming years.

George Soros was born in Hungary. Because he was a Jew, the Hungarian communities came up to threaten his screw to dominate a world of fair development. They decided to form the Nazi occupation n that could exterminate whoever was believed to be a Jew in the nation. George Soros sought fake citizenship to evade the Nazi Occupation. When he was through with high school, he went to London to pursue further education at the London business School. After that, he found his way to New York. This was the beginning of his career and successful life.

Oncotarget journal contribution to informative research

Oncotarget is a peer reviewed open access medical journal published weekly. It covers all oncology research related articles. The journal was founded in 2010 and is printed by Impact Journal. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov are the editors-in-chief. The journal is applauded for being creative, constructive, insightful, and punctual. It has multiple peer reviews. The peer review has enabled Oncotarget authors to do a very influential research. The Oncotarget accepts papers on topics such as Endocrinology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Cardiology, Cell Biology and Metabolism which are beyond Oncology. It is considered as one of the best multidisciplinary journals with free access to researchers. Oncotarget provides online papers in weekly issues. The public can print issue or paper at a special demand.

The mission of this renowned journal is to make scientific results easily and widely accessible. They intend to leverage on the impact of the research through thorough and insightful peer reviews. The journal allows superb discoveries to be shared widely and faster. The journal has helped to eliminate the barrier between specialties and to connect various fields of biomedical sciences. It supports applications of basic and clinical science to fight disease. Through the leadership of the most eminent scientists, the Oncotarget journal assists researchers to contribute towards the progress and development of science. They are aiming for a life free from disease.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a former professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. He is a scientist and focuses his study on cancer and aging. He attended First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg where he earned his M.D. in internal medicine and Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. In 2002, he was appointed as an associate professor of medicine at New York medical college, Valhalla, NY. He then became a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute, Albany, New York. In 2009, he became a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is interested in researching cancer therapies that protect normal cells from damage and mechanisms beneath aging and anti-aging drugs. He is editor-in-chief of Oncotarget, Aging and Cell Cycle.

Omar Yunes on Winning the BFW Competition

Omar Yunes is well-known as he is the franchisee of Sushi Itto. His efforts for the brand have paid off as he is the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award. He won this competition that was held in Florence, Italy. This was organized on 5th December. This is recognition of the efforts made by Omar Yunes to the brand that he represents.

Basically, Omar Yunes was just 21 years old when he became a franchisee of this Japanese food chain. Today he is the owner of 13 units of this franchise. These units are spread all over in Mexico City, besides Puebla along with Veracruz. In fact, this is nearly 10% of the total units which this brand has.

No wonder that Omar Yunes is feeling proud of this feat. He says that he is just a representative as this award actually belongs to the 400 employees working in these 13 units. They have managed the brand so well, and hence the award truly belongs to them. Due to these reasons and the brand which has led them to innovate, they have managed to win this highly coveted award.

This is the 2015 edition of this BFW award. It saw representation from 34 countries. These included Mexico, Portugal, besides Hungary and Brazil, along with France, Italy, as well as Argentina. All the franchisees were evaluated based on certain parameters. The main parameter was the effect that they had on the franchise network. The impact on the brand was not the main consideration here. The factors considered were the way in which it influenced the network, besides the contributions made through knowledge. Next were the kind and amount of savings that had been implemented. Other aspects included how motivated the employees were, besides the amount of invoice. Another factor being considered is the improvements to the business model that have been proposed and implemented.

Diego Elizarrarrás is the organizer of BFW Mexico. He says that Omar Yunes is the winner as he has been a highly important change factor in this kind of relationship between the franchise and the franchisee. Click here to know more.

Todd Lubar: How to Become a Successful Investor and Stay technologically Up to Date

As an experienced entrepreneur, Todd Lubar often shares his knowledge with the people. He endeavors to see emerging entrepreneurs achieve success. He is also a technology enthusiast who follows closely on emerging technological trends.

The Smart Home

The smart home technology that has changed the real estate sector is the recent trend to hit the market. This technology entails home devices and fixings that are connected to a smart device, such as a smart phone or a computer. The smart device acts as the central control unit that allows the home owner to monitor the home from any location. The wave of this trend has hit investors in a big way, with several of them incorporating it into their homes. Some of the features of a smart home are smart lights and locks. The smart lights allow a person light up a room from a control device. This feature is beneficial to a person living with disabilities who cannot put on the lights manually. The smart home technology, however, has some limitations. In areas where it is designed to recognize a voice, it can fail if the user has a voice impairment.

A Winning Strategy

People get into business for different reasons and visions. The traits required to become a professional investor are standard. Todd Lubar cites persistence as the number one feature that keeps them going despite encountering hurdles along the way. They also need to show maximum dedication to their ventures. Enough knowledge on the areas of their ventures is equally necessary. They, however, need to be flexible to listen to advice as well as change their strategy if it leads to a dead end. Rejection will come along the way. Entrepreneurs need to be brave to go through the fear and failures.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an accomplished individual in the real estate and mortgage banking sectors. His career started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He then worked for several companies in the mortgage banking industry before moving to the real estate arena.

Lubar currently runs TDL Global Ventures as the President. The Syracuse University graduate is also a Snr. VP at Legendary Investments. Follow Todd on Twitter.